Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ To Feature Too Short: The Rapper Talks About Their Collaboration

Before Lady Gaga tore through a series of outfits and wigs during an impressive debut performance of “Applause” at the MTV Video Music Awards, she gave the network’s Sway an exclusive on the red carpet: veteran MC Too $hort will appear on an ARTPOP track, thus marking the first official feature on a Gaga release since Beyonce hit the vocal booth for 2009 Fame Monster jam “Telephone.”

“I was doing some songs last year with one her producers, DJ White Shadow,” $hort (real name: Todd Shaw) told MTV News, with regards to material he’s collaborated with Shadow on for a house music project. “He’s been pretty busy, doing his thing around the world and he got back at me a little while ago and said, ”There’s a song that Lady Gaga’s doing that possibly they would want to get you on… so I said, shit I’m down with it!'”

Gaga chats with Sway at the MTV VMAs

So far there’s no word on the title of the Gaga/Too $hort track, but there could be a live reveal sometime soon. The 47-year-old rapper told MTV, “Then [White Shadow] called back and was like, ‘She’s going to debut the song at one of her shows’ and I’m like,’shit, I’m there!'”

This won’t be Gaga’s first pair-up with a hip hop artist. Lest we forget, back in 2009 Mother Monster made an appearance on Wale‘s lead Attention Deficit single “Chillin,” while Flo Rida dropped a rhyme on The Fame album track “Starstruck” in 2008.