Adam Lambert Defends Miley Cyrus’ 2013 MTV VMA Performance, Tweets “Leave Miley Alone!”

After catching flak from writers and parents everywhere for her racy performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus has found a few supporters in the pop world. Adam Lambert was the most vocal defender, taking to Twitter to ask “why is everyone spazzing?” He added that she “looked like she was having a ton of fun. Y’all need to relax and lighten up. It was meant to be funny. Leave Miley alone!”

Lambert cleared up that he wasn’t necessarily saying he was a fan of the performance, but that we should cut her some slack. (For his part, Lambert got into hot water for a similar situation a few years ago, after he simulated oral sex on a man during his 2009 American Music Awards performance.) While it’s unclear if Lambert actually enjoyed the Miley spectacle, we know where Selena Gomez stands. “I really thought the collaboration with Miley was amazing… Loved [it],” she said after the VMAs, according to Metro UK.

Even One Direction had something to say about it. Head below for their sarcastic take, as well as Lambert’s tweets.




As for 1D, the British boy band spouted off a string of sarcastic reactions. Speaking to Yahoo! at the US premiere of This Is Us Monday (August 26), the guys joked about the “family friendly” performance. Harry Styles quipped, “It was very reserved. I think she’s quite shy and it’s about time she came out of her shell a bit.” Louis Tomlinson added, “We were shocked by how much coverage there was. I think she was shocked. I don’t think she knew she would get so much attention from that.”

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  • joseph angileri

    she looks like a f_______ hoar!

  • grammar nazi


  • willow

    Her days of being a role model for younger people have long since gone.

    • Julie

      What ? no one needs an entertainer to be a role model !! If you are parents then your kids want you as role model. No one wants someone acting on stage as role model ! Go back to your family and relatives and ask for a role model to the younger ones in the family. Entertainment is entertainment, it’s not real life ! It’s acting ! so who cares ! It’s fun ! she would have done more on your face knowing that you don’t have taste and humor. It meant to be fun , funny ! Silly!

      • lynnda

        That you want it or not, she IS a role model: psychology 101..
        Maybe you need to inform yourself before judging people.
        Miley’s tongue is grossed by the way, not on laugh..

      • lynnda

        That you want it or not, she IS a role model: psychology 101..
        Why dont you get educated before judging people..
        Miley was not funny, dont recall any laugh there, just will Snith and family just in shock..tongue: gross, no need to see this, again : gross, feel like ew..

  • Becca

    Adam, you are another one I have a problem with. I voted for you on Idol, because you had the talent to be #1. I saw a young man who was bright, confident in his own skin, good looking, and without a doubt the best singer and showman idol ever had. I hoped that you would continue your career and stay the way you were BEFORE you were famous. It did not happen. You immediately went for the shock factor and lost a large percentage of the fan base you had built up to that point. Including me. It is not about you being gay, I could give a rat’s ass about that. It is about losing site of ones self and continually trying to one up everyone else with whatever stunt that can be done for shock value. Miley is doing the same thing. It is such a waste to see two absolutely beautiful people, trade their talent in for a stunt, for a few minutes of publicity that will negatively effect the rest of their career.

    • Julie

      Becca. Are you grandma grandpa generations? if not than there are lots of Grandma Grandpa who are much more open minded that many of you. The problem is only because YOU and those FANS who dropped their idol are the numbers that ADAM and his true open-minded fans DONT NEED. Your problem is you live in 2013 but your narrow minded is in the 1960′s, well even the king of rock would want you as his fan if you live in his generations. Sexy performance is true performance ON STAGE. No one do that on the street and NO ONE DIES . Why don’t you go back to Disney movie and entertainment and never stick your nose into any of today’s enterntainment ….You are the ones who create too much bothersome to the world in 2013…. Go back to your home and lock the doors (and behave)

      • Bryce

        Julie, just because it was provocative does not mean it was a good performance; and just because someone states that the performance was just to get attention, does NOT mean they are “close-minded.” I love Adam Lambert, and personally I think people freaked a little too much when he performed on the AMAs. But just because you are “entertaining” does not mean you have to be raunchy, and just because you are performing does not make complete profanity okay. Entertainment is about how talented someone is, and how they can swing the crowd with their vocals (Adam Lambert) or dance moves. Anyone can get up and do what Miley did. The only reason she had to do what she did is because she is not talented enough in either one of those areas. And please don’t try to claim Miley is a great singer… she is not completely horrible on her records, but when she is live she is. And singing great live is ENTERTAINMENT – not how well you can twerk and stick your tongue out like a moron.

  • kmarie

    There’s no reason we have to cut Miley some slack, Adam Lambert! We have the right to state our opinions. Miley’s performance was degrading and raunchy and if she needs to go to such an extreme to get negative attention then fine. But its much more than that, if she wants to degrade herself in public that’s one thing, but degrading other humans when she was slapping black women’s booties and treating them like props…..that I take issue with!!!!

  • ddd

    It is trash. She probably stuck her tongue out to her teachers in high school. She is going NOWHERE and this slut stuff is her answer to -being popular? Being a so called ‘star’? She should fire her manager. she is f. ugly and so is Lambert. what pukes.

  • NIKE free run 2 soldes

    Good post!

  • Marguieite

    i love Adam.