The ‘American Idol’ Search Continues: Dr. Luke Is No Longer Joining The Show

Aug 27th, 2013 // Comment
dr. luke

American Idol has officially reached the point where the offseason wheeling and dealing is more exciting/stressful than the actual drama on the show (which is kind of a problem when you think about it). The latest chapter, of course, involves human hit machine Dr. Luke. Over the weekend, the producer/songwriter had reportedly joined the show as the third judge, along with Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban. We thought he’d make a great fit! Alas, Monday evening (August 26), The Hollywood Reporter said Dr. Luke had officially withdrawn his name from consideration after realizing the gig would be too time consuming and it would conflict with his Sony Music contract.

Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe imprint is backed by Sony, and Idol artists all release music through Universal Music Group. Obviously, it’s not in Sony’s interests to have one of their secret weapons spending a couple months a year cultivating talent for another label — despite the fact that Luke would gain national exposure on the show.

So now, the search continues. Apparently Scooter Braun‘s name has been thrown into the mix. Isn’t this fun?

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