Tamar Braxton Channels Beyonce In Sexy “Hot Sugar” Video: Watch A Preview

Aug 28th, 2013 // 24 Comments
Does This Look Familiar To You?
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Tamar Braxton premiered sultry R&B ballad “All The Way Home” last week but it looks like the third single from Love And War will actually be fan favorite “Hot Sugar”. Today (August 28) the 36-year-old diva posted a preview of the video on Instagram and she’s going all out.

What can you expect from the visual? Well, Toni Braxton‘s little sister is depicted lying on the floor next to leather clad men — whipping her long ponytail back and forth. It looks more than a little familiar (check out Beyonce‘s “Green Light” video) but there’s no denying that Tamar makes an impression. Watch after the jump.

Would “Hot Sugar” make a better single than “All The Way Home”? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I Just can’t wait till this album comes out!!!!

  2. Wil

    I am really feeling “All the way Home!” I can’t stop listening to it. I think this song should be her next single.


  3. Len1975

    I love them both so I would release them both being as one is a ballad and the other is a uptempo!!!

  4. Annabella

    Not everything is about Beyonce you know; Tamar is her own person and has got an amazing voice. Why can’t artists just be applauded for their gifts and not always be compared to Beyonce, whom by the way I’m exhausted of hearing about. It’s time to embrace change and welcome other artists, rather than being shoved with the same old pestiferous artists (Beyonce & Rihanna).

    • eRIC

      So would you have said the same about Michael Jackson. Been sooooo sick of hearing about people being compared to him? It’s not Beyonce’s fault that A LOT of people love her. She’s only being herself and using the gifts god gave her. As a mega international super star, people WILL be compared to you. Btw, Tamar has said countless times how much she loves and idolizes Beyonce, so I’m pretty sure channeling Beyonce is what she was going for. Lol

      • Annabella

        I don’t like Beyonce’s music, so shoot me. I’m sure a plethora of people love her, as you put it, but just cause she is loved by millions, doesn’t mean i should follow suit and sing her praise. Tamar’s idol is Mariah, not Beyonce, I’ve heard her mention that on many occasions during interviews. As for Michael Jackson, he paved the way for many black artists, big difference.

        • Kelly

          You idiot thats what she tell you Mariah is not her Idol mariah dont dance on the stage the way Beyonce do, Tamar is trying to act like beyonce I know it everyone see it she need serious help I can’t wait for toni to drop her Album! Let me close the book Tamar is 38 just starting her career what a fail, Beyonce is 31 and has sold over 130 million albums world wide she is loved all over the world and shes a billionaire Tamar its to late bitc* to catch up, wont you throw up when you look in the mirror because you ugly on the inside and out you have no class or grace, you’ll never be the queen bee now Bow Down!

          • Yemi

            If you hate Tamar then why did you click on this article? you Beyonce stans always sound so damn childish. But you won’t ever mention Beyonce’s faults, though. While, I like Beyonce, her stans make it hard for me to appreciate anything she does because they are already there over-hyping whatever she does while bashing every other female artist. And then wonder why girls are so catty to each other in the industry.

          • Annabella

            Here we all were exchanging decent & level-headed conversations, and who turns up? Ignorance at its lowest breed. I’m out of here, cause I certainly don’t have time for uncouthness. Do people actually realise that you can have a disagreement minus swearing, or is just that most of the Beyonce fans are short of vocabulary? Get a grip and grow up! Beyonce is not the Messiah.

          • sourav


      • Kelly

        I love Beyonce too, but I’m not going to dress like her or perform like her my mom taught me years ago to be my own person, but some folks are ok with being artificial! Like Tamar!

        • Tiffany

          Artificial, a great majority of Beyonce performances have been “inspired” or “stolen” from other artists. Rarely is any idea original these days. There is enough room for everybody!

      • Yemi

        It’s a difference when people are compared to Michael Jackson. Whenever is compared to Beyonce, her stans are right there bashing and throwing shade. Being compared to Beyonce has developed a negative connotation, while with Michael, people are appreciating BOTH artists; Beyonce’s stans label it copying and get mad when anyone shows an ability on par or better than her’s.

  5. Kelly

    Beyone wannabe whatever happened to originality in this industry shes a true copy cat i wont be buying the album!

    • Jason

      You do realize the Beyonce has copied all of the greats in her performance style right? Donna Summer, Tina Turner, Diana Ross..

      • Kelly

        You do realize those woman are old as fuc*, and Tamar old ass copying a artist younger than her what the fuc*!

  6. Oh hell no!! I can’t stand this ugly bitch!! She had the audacity to say Queen B lied about being pregnant with Lil Blue Ivy and expecting, but now, this wack bitch is trying to channel Queen B?!!! I’m not surprised, I knew she was just jealous of Beyonce and only wishes to be like her. Ol drag queen looking ass! This bitch and Wendel Williams look alike. lmao.

    • mailee

      First off beyonce didnt invent hair swinging and leather. Truth be told how many people has beyonce copied… have a seat.

      • Kelly

        Yes she did invent it she made it very popular!

        • mailee

          Hun have a seat you must be young because she didnt make it famous… Elizabeth roxas from the ailey company did so step ya game up and know the facts. Thats been in the game of performing for decades. Beyonce is not orginal and has copied everyone from janet jackson michael jaxkson aaliyah even copied anne teresa de keersmaeker also copied gwen verdons from the 1960s and run the world beat was taken from the song made from major lazer called pon de floor in 2009. So have a seat and know your artist.

          • Kelly

            Oh sweet heart i’m far from young but very smart we all know woman B.C wore blonde hair but we also know its dumb to copy a artist thats younger than you beyonce is 31 and Tamar is 38 WTF! Tamar we have Beyonce I don’t need another, If i want to see beyonce i’ll go to her concert I don’t pay for knock off’s!

  7. Kelly

    Beyonce never copied Aaliyah you have her mixed up with Cici, Janet Jackson yeah right when janet learn how to sing. Hell everyone copy MJ thats just normal so dont come for me unless i send for you Tamar have you all fooled dumb Tamaritians fans!

  8. Annabella

    You’re very immature Kelly. Do you think before you write or do you just grace us with your vacuous and rather imbecilic notions? Beyonce has copied other people’s work for a plethora of her dance routines, including her infamous “Single ladies dance routine,” which was originally done by three ladies called Mexican Breakfast. Tamar shows 10 seconds of her unreleased video and here you are blowing steam over something you haven’t even had a chance to watch in full. Beyonce is not God, so you need to calm yourself down and stop making a prat of yourself over a mere person, who has no power over life and death.
    Ps: Tamar is 36 by the way, and what has age got to do with anything?

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