Britney Spears’ Pop Report Card: We Grade Her 7 Albums

Ahead of the September 17 release of Britney Spears’, umm, whatever “All Eyes On Me” is, we’re grading the Disney-vet-turned-pop-princess’ seven studio albums in our Pop Report Card. While Britney has shared her secret “album 8 recipe” with us — including its apparently show-stopping centerpiece —looking back on her catalog is making us hungry for that particularly delicious Britney Spears brand of pop.

Can she deliver the same magic that populated some of her prior efforts? Britney certainly knows a thing or two about delivering hits. So while we wait around for her next set of pop jams, let’s see how well her previous efforts have stood the test of time.

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  • Julia

    yes, Godney is gonna slay

  • Tom

    I agree with most of the grades except for Circus. Sure, it’s got some messy parts but the inclusion of Womanizer, Circus, Shattered Glass (despite how short it is) and the brilliant Mannequin alone should at least ensure it gets a B-

    • WOOHOO

      Tottally agree with you on that. Circus has a LOT of of single-worthy songs. Of all her albums, Circus easily embodies her life as star (both flashy and scary). If we rearrange the tracklist and even add some of the bonus tracks/unreleased track, it could easily be one of her best works.

  • Justin SanDiego

    As an obsessed Britney Fan, I can see wehere this writer is coming from. :)

    Personally, I would have given ITZ, Blackout, and FF all A+… those albums are all probably in my top 10 CDs of all time. Both this albums were rhythmical, catchy, sexual, and loaded with fun!

    ‘OOPS’ and ‘Britney’ I’d give A- too. their solid #1 albums that gave Britney to push to being the diva she is now.

    Circus is the most conflicting album she has.. This album has the most tracks I skip(“My baby”, “Mmm papi”, “Mannequin”). I enjoy the songs that are expiremental/risks for Brit such as “Blur” and “Unusual You”. She picked the best 3 songs to become singles. Also the Circus-era has the best unreleased tracks… look up “Phonography”, “trouble”, and “Amnesia” which should have made the album but didnt. B

    Lastly, I’d put her dubut as the worse. Despite being one of the top selling female albums ever, I find these songs to be so unrelatable and juvenile(Britney was 17 when reocrding it). The singles are great, but there’s not much else i enjoy listening to now B-


  • Russ Noe

    How do you grade albums by an artist, scratch that, a producer that are mostly voiced by a computer???


    No way is Femme Fatale better than Circus! It’s a fun album but she sounds detached and robot-like in that album. Kill The Lights, Shattered Glass, Unusual You, and Mannequin easily beats most of Femme Fatale’s songs. At least with Circus, we still see her personality. Plus, the hidden and dark meaning of that album really gives it a worthwhile listen.