Miguel Covers Pink’s “Just Like A Pill” And It’s Just As Wonderful As You’d Imagine

Aug 29th, 2013 // Comment
Take One, Then

It’s pretty much a known fact that Pink‘s 2002 single “Just Like A Pill” is one of the best pop singles of that decade. It’s also pretty much a known fact that Miguel is one of the best performers of this decade. Put the two together and it’s sheer magic.

While Miguel was doing a little promotional tour in Australia, the singer-songwriter stopped by Fifi & Jules to turn out a live acoustic set, which included a performance of “Just Like A Pill” that’s stripped-down, sultry and magical (even if he had to read the lyrics off his iPhone while performing to get them right). Adlibbing a little bit here and there, his vocal delivery was on-point, injecting a new soulfulness into the track.

Watch up top.

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