Harry Styles Kisses A Dude On British TV: Watch Him Eat Man Mouth

Aug 29th, 2013 // 2 Comments
Harry Styles Gets Lucky
Niall Horan's Butt
Niall Horan dropped his pants on TV show 'A League Of Their Own'. Read More »

So let’s all agree that A League Of Their Own is the best television show of all time. Not only did the host convince Niall Horan to drop his pants on live TV, he somehow managed to get Harry Styles to kiss him on the mouth. Millions of tweens around the globe are now crying bitter tears of jealousy. Watch the One Direction hunk get some hot dude-on-dude action above.

Do you think Taylor Swift is watching this clip on repeat while penning a song? Your thoughts in the comments below.

[Via Instinct].


  1. awalouiza@icloud.com

    Justin bieber jetaime. Pour louiza

  2. errr

    wtf Harry!

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