Harry Styles And Austin Mahone Had The Most Polite Twitter Beef Of All Time

Aug 29th, 2013 // 15 Comments

Harry Styles thought Iggy Azalea was robbed at the MTV Video Music Awards (she was nominated for Artist To Watch) and promptly tweeted the Australian femcee to let her know. No big deal, right?

Well, the actual winner Austin Mahone spotted the exchange and expressed his disappointment in an extremely meek way. As far as Twitter beefs go this all fairly tame but still enough to pit Directioners against Mahomies. See the world’s most polite Twitter beef after the jump.

The tweet that started everything:

Austin’s response:

Did Harry have a point? Was Iggy robbed? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Via Hearts & Foxes].


  1. My Opinion

    All he said was Iggy should’ve won. He never said “Austin shouldn’t have won, Iggy deserved to win.” He never directed his message to Austin. People just cause unnecessary drama.

  2. Isabella

    I don’t think he was trying to call out Austin, just expressing his opinion.. Anyways, I agree on the fact that Iggy should’ve won

  3. Kev

    Of course she was robbed, she deserved to win that award the most and the only reason she didn’t is because they let that child perform on the pre-show and will headline MTVs Artist To Watch tour next month. Shameful, at least don’t make it seem like it’s a “voting” based category when the results are biased and unfair for the fans.

  4. Kate

    Guys most Americans don’t know who she is and they make up the voting poll. I’m American and have never heard of her, neither have my friends that’s why she didn’t win. Austin is becoming big here though

  5. lark

    if you ask anyone 18 or older, we say IGgy or The Weeknd should’ve won. I’ve never heard of Austin Mahone but I’m not going to say he didn’t deserve it because if he’s popular with young teens/Tweens, they’re obviously a huge market and he could end up being very successful. I’m just pointing out that Harry is over 18 and friends with Iggy; of course he wishes she won. He’s allowed to have opinions like any other person. He didn’t insult Austin. You would say the same if you were friends with someone who lost.

  6. lark

    by the way, I’m American. definitely Austin M is not big or known among 18+ people here at all. So it’s more to do with age than location.

  7. Lucy

    I agree with Kate I’m 20 and have never heard of Iggy. I’ve heard of the Austin kid tho so he must be more popular. And if that’s not fair than one direction shouldn’t have one either since their entire fan base are young girls. It’s all about popularity. Personally i think one direction are becoming less popular in the states, my little sister and her friends use to love them and now they’re saying theyre sick of them…I’ve noticed that with a lot of people? What about in the uk?

  8. Austin I would like to meet meet u but I am all the way in the uk and I have dreamt of meeting.

  9. This is my first time on twitter and if I get a reply I will scream literally

  10. By the way austin you look proper Coll lifting that weight

  11. See ya later hope to see a reply from austin tomorrow mornin.

  12. Hi back again couldn’stat away from this. So what’s this about izzy getting robbed

  13. Austin can’t wait to see u in real Pearson if I get a chance

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