Timbaland Is Working On A Posthumous Michael Jackson Album

Aug 30th, 2013 // 2 Comments
Timbo x Jacko

Timbaland‘s Revolt TV interview is overflowing with juicy nuggets of music news, and Diddy‘s network has been wise to release them all in small doses throughout the summer, rather than unloading the complete interview all at once. The latest reveal came earlier this week, when Timbaland mysteriously teased some sort of Michael Jackson project he was working on, and now in the full clip it turns out he’s helming an entire posthumous MJ album.

The producer said he has “a lot of unreleased Michael Jackson” and that L.A. Reid came to him about doing “something big” involving the King of Pop. The subsequent album will feature MJ’s unreleased vocals, like on 2010′s Michael, under Tim’s arrangements. The first single will likely be “Chicago,” Tim said, because it “sounds like today.”

As for when we can expect to hear it? “I’ll have it done by this year,” he promised.

The super-producer said he never knew MJ, but that they spoke on the phone once, when the legend said he was a fan of the producer’s work. In an interesting aside, Tim said he was also supposed to work with Notorious B.I.G. (imagine!) before the rapper died.

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  1. Jovon

    I’m thrilled honestly. 2010′s Michael was a disaster from the ground up, but I’m convinced that Timbaland can do wonders. Don’t let us down Tim! :)

  2. JR

    Altho Timbaland is a great producer (even if he rides a sound too long he becomes tiresome) and I think he could do this respectfully – to me, it’s a bit hypocritical considering he was criticising the thought of other people doing posthumous Aaliyah work.

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