Fall Out Boy & Big Sean Get Terrorized By Tweens In “The Mighty Fall” Video: Watch

As the fifth chapter in Fall Out Boy’s ongoing video series titled The Young Blood Chronicles, “The Mighty Fall” follows the increasingly convoluted narrative laid out in the previous installments (but not really) which included clips for their singles “Alone Together,” “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark, “ “The Phoenix” and “Young Volcanoes.” This time around, the boys enlist the help of Kendrick Lamar’s intern Big Sean to desperately fight off a ravenous bat/chain/axe-wielding clan of tweens and a pair of leather clad femme fatales for reasons not entirely clear.

Things get pretty violent and chaotic quickly — if you ever had the desire to see Pete Wentz get axed in the back, well, bully for you, here’s your chance — eventually leading Patrick Stump to cross paths with Big Sean who…wait…holy shit…did Big Sean just break that 12-year-old-boy’s neck?

You guys, Big Sean just snapped that Hot Topic model’s neck like he was a one half of a surf and turf plate at Red Lobster. Jesus. Okay, well this video is horrifying, but the song is catchy as all get out. Can’t wait to see what Hunger Games-meets-The Warriors style violence transpires in installments 6-11.

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