Missy Elliott & G-Dragon Light It Up With “Niliria” Performance: Watch

Aug 30th, 2013 // 3 Comments
Missy & G-Dragon Don't Lose Anything In Translation

So, apparently there was a huge K-pop convention in Los Angeles called KCon last weekend, and while all of us were huddled around our TVs watching Miley Cyrus twerk her way into the cultural zeitgeist, hip-hop’s first lady Missy Elliot decided to unveil her new collaboration with Korean MC G-Dragon titled “Niliria” — which will appear on his forthcoming album Coup D’etat — live on stage in front of thousands of K-pop fanatics. This is important for a number of reasons.

First off, it’s a really high profile collaboration between hip-hop sensibilities from both sides of the Pacific, further pointing toward the oncoming onslaught of Korean hip-hop and pop stars that are slowly invading the US markets. For Missy, it’s a warning shot over the bow. Outside of some scattered production credits, the occasional guest spot or cameo on a soundtrack, Missy hasn’t released much material — let alone a full length album — since 2005′s The Cookbook.

And Lord knows what ever happened to Block Party and those singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat. But this performance is a reminder of just how electrifying she can be when she’s dialed in and spitting labyrinthine verses over a batshit crazy beat. And make no mistake: “Niliria” is a flat out banger. It shuffles and jumps with weird outbursts of energy, fueled by skittering hi-hats, handclaps, schoolyard rhymes and apocalyptic air horns blaring in from every direction. G-Dragon more than keeps up with Missy’s frantic rhymes, but this is her show, and we’re damn glad she’s back.


  1. drew

    Some of Missy’s recent moves have been kinda questionable to me (i.e. “9th Inning”) – but this reminds me why I miss her so….

  2. Kelly

    Psh missy’s show? BS it’s all about GD baby ; D Missy was just the bonous. : D

    I’ve been a kpop fan sense 2007 and I have always loved their music over ours.

    I was a huuuuge missy fan in childhood. Gdragon has been a favorite of mine for so long now and it’s been his dream sense he was 13 to preform with her. This was HIS dream realized, and his fan’s dream realized.

    That being said i’m happy to see her being active again and its all the more special she chose GD to do her comeback with as a fan I couldn’t be happier i’m on cloud 9

  3. Love i!!. There are a lot of Korean artists who deserve the same visibility as 1 Direction, Justin B. and other popular artists. My daughter is a 1 Directioner, I think many kids in the U.S. haven’t given the greats like G-Dragon, Kim Hyun Joong, etc. a chance.

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