Rihanna’s “What Now” Gets A R3hab Remix: Listen To The Bangin’ Electro Makeover

Rihanna‘s annual album is due in November but that hasn’t stopped the Barbadian babe from releasing Parker Ighile-produced ballad as an international single. A fresh batch of remixes surfaced online today (August 30) and Dutch DJ R3hab has done the best job of transforming the soaring love song into a bone-rattling club anthem. Listen to his epic electro-makeover after the jump.

Should Rihanna release “What Now” as a single in the US as well? Share your opinion in the comments below.

  • Adam

    I’m actually a Rihanna fan, but releasing an LP every year is sort of tiring not only for the fans, but also for the mainstream. It looks like her only focus is to release a power 1st single, later accompanied by its LP for bigger sales.
    OK, she says she loves to record songs, but who in this industry doesn’t? I mean, artists offer her songs and she only chooses, records them, and puts them in.
    What made ‘Loud’ and ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ go platinum effortlessly was that it was more like an “era”: long-time promotion with singles and their music video. This is what the public (and fans) actually look for in an artist like this.
    What lacked in ‘Talk That Talk’ and ‘Unapologetic’ was promotion with its further singles and radio requests. Did you know that ‘Cockiness (I Love It)’ was actually a single? Not everybody knew this. And what happened to ‘Pour It Up’ and ‘Right Now’? It was told we were going to have music videos for both. And now there’s this thing about ‘What Now’ that hints it could be released as single. What?
    Shame, though, ’cause ‘Unapologetic’ is actually very good compared to the rest of her albums (leaving ‘Rated R’ lovers and their frustration aside). Honestly, she should’ve taken more time with this era (at least), and she should’ve set it up properly, given the mess with ‘Pour It Up’ and ‘Right Now’.
    Bottom line, Rihanna starts big when releasing a new album, furthermore it seems like she grows tired and instantly starts to focus on the NEXT LP. Geez, this is tiring even for me (a fan), ’cause it’s getting hard to keep up with our fav artists, especially given that 2013 is the year of the comebacks. Rihanna, please sit this one out, at least for a year, and focus deeply on a new LONG era (a la ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’) filled with quality instead of hurrying things for the “Rihanna annual November release”.
    I feel like I’m not the only one who agrees with me on this. No hate, just a frustrated music lover who craves for quality and passion, not obligation for release and stay on top of the charts.
    So, my question is: What now? *hint hint*

    • kk

      right! she needs to take a break. 2-3 years then comeback strong. with good album + superb songs!