Lady Gaga Previews ‘ARTPOP’ Song “Sex Dreams” In Rehearsal Video: Watch

Lady Gaga previewed another song in new, behind-the-scenes footage for her iTunes Festival performance on September 1. This ARTPOP track is called “Sex Dreams” — as in, the place she wants to take over next.

Throughout, snares and hi-hats overpower the yearning in Lady Gaga’s voice — a deliberate move as with “Swine” and “Manicure,” so that she can build anticipation without giving everything away. For a brief second though, the percussion recedes so that her intentions can be heard clearly in a single, straightforward lyric: “When I lay in bed, I touch myself and I think of you.”

While “Sex Dreams” already sounds heated in the clip, Lady Gaga posted lyrics on Twitter hinting that the song contains an intriguing twist — namely one that spells out same-sex dreams. Check out those additional lyrics after the jump.