The Weeknd Teases New ‘Kiss Land’ Song In “Roman Polanski” Snippet: Listen

Last spring The Weeknd released an clip titled “John Carpenter,” in which he repeats, “This ain’t nothing to relate to.” Turns out, he had revealed the ending of Kiss Land‘s title track, a moment that feels like a reprieve compared to the rest of the suite of sexual depravity, one that’s punched up by a loop of a girl’s shrieks.

Weeknd (born Abel Tesfaye) has now revealed a new snippet named after a film director — this time, “Roman Polanski.” Like “John Carpenter,” “Roman Polanski” portrays the R&B auteur as if he lives within a grainy VHS and features a lyrical warning, this time of how a search for love turns desperate when night falls. Also as before, “Roman Polanski” sounds as if the Weeknd’s teasing a fairly tame moment, compared to how unsettling his music usually turns out to be.

Devout Weeknd fans have already started to guess that, given the snippet’s percussion, “Roman Polanski” is actually part of Kiss Land‘s “Adaptation.” Judge for yourself after the jump.

[via Illroots]