Lady Gaga Talks “Applause” Leak, How ‘ARTPOP’ Differs From Her Other Albums

Lady Gaga spoke to iHeartRadio show Saturday Night Online about her intentions behind her new album ARTPOP. Specifically, she focused why she was pained to find out that debut single “Applause” had leaked and how ARTPOP differs from her previous albums.

When Gaga initially announced “Applause,” she had intended for the single and its accompanying music video to both debut on August 19. Instead, “Applause” leaked one week early. “I’m sure they’re fans, but hacking is serious,” she said. “No, I was not excited that it was leaking, because what I do is theater. So it’s sort of like going into a theatrical show and you hear the music, but none of the actors come on stage, but you can hear them talking.”

Lady Gaga continues to allude to how her musical theater roots — she played Adelaide in a high school production of Guys and Dolls — inspired her to be ambitious, despite how pop music is often perceived as less than credible. “My other records were more concept albums than about the subject matter, whereas ARTPOP is more about a philosophy of love,” she said.

Listen to Lady Gaga’s chat with Saturday Night Online for more ARTPOP details below.