Lady Gaga Premieres Several Amazing New ‘ARTPOP’ Songs At iTunes Festival: Watch

Last night at London’s iTunes Festival, Lady Gaga took the stage not to race through a breathless romp of her many enormous hits, but rather, to play a set comprised entirely of new songs from her upcoming LP ARTPOP. As with all things Gaga, it was hit-and-miss — but it also showed more moments of greatness than anything I’ve seen from her since The Fame Monster. She looked like a real artist, dynamic and compelling, with extraordinary pop melodies and a lot of heart. If it was far from pristine, it proved without a doubt that Gaga’s still got it.

The 70-minute set saw her debuting a string of tracks from the upcoming record — “Aura,” “MANiCURE,” the title track, “Jewels & Drugs” with T.I., Too $hort and Twista, “Sex Dreams,” “Swine,” “I Wanna Be With You” and lead single “Applause.” Her influences sounded diverse — it’s all theatrical pop, but there’s ’80s R&B, trap, house and glam-rock all thrown in for good measure, too — and most impressively, the show’s production was bombastic, high-concept and impeccably executed. She’s a spectacular performer, full stop. 

There’s no artistic cohesion, the lyrics are still frequently cringe-worthy and her delivery is overly affected — and yet, it’s hard to watch this and not feel pretty excited for ARTPOP, no? Several of the songs were nothing short of deranged, in the most genius way.

Watch all the videos below.

Lady Gaga – “Aura”

Lady Gaga – “MANiCURE”

Lady Gaga – “Jewels & Drugs”

Lady Gaga – “ARTPOP”

Lady Gaga – “Swine”

Lady Gaga – “I Wanna Be With You”

Lady Gaga – “Sex Dreams”

Lady Gaga – “Applause”

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  • drew

    KATY PERRY WHO?!?!?!!

    Seriously, in one set, she conquered trap, EDM, pop-ballad…. Idolator you’re running out of reasons to doubt the ARTPOP era.

    • Bradley Stern

      Hey Drew! Not sure what you’re reading — this looks like a (mostly) glowing review to me! “it’s hard to watch this and not feel pretty excited for ARTPOP, no?”

    • Sarah

      This comment is just ridiculous. 1st; you randomly take a jab at another artist who has no correlation to the article… then you proceed on to completely miss the point of the article. STOP MAKING GAGA FANS LOOK BAD! We are not all like this. You should probably keep your mouth shut if you can’t focus on just the positives in comments and show a basic level of understanding for the thing you are commenting on. Obviously the maturity is absent. People should stop judging a fan base based on social media interactions.

  • Carlos Hoberty Alves

    This was just an epic performance! Gaga proven herself to the world (one again) that she’s still got it! Her vocals were amazing. Talk trash all you want about this woman, but there’s no stopping her!

  • MusicSoul

    My favorites were Artpop and Swine. The other songs were just okay. I’m hopeful that the album versions for Manicure and Jewels and Drugs will be much better than that.

    I love Gaga, and I’ve been a fan of her since the Fame era; but I’m getting a little tired of her over theatrical talks before her songs. They seem to be very planned out and rehearsed, which makes her appear inauthentic. I love how she incorporates those elements in her performances, but those talks are just really out of place.

    And is it just me, or did she have another accent?

  • Yoani Veg


  • Yoani Veg

    By the way, Mr. Sam Lansky i think this show deserves another review because i can´t stop loving it

  • Andy Meier

    This had to have been absolutely mind-blowing to be a part of!! “Swine” is going to be blasting at clubs across the world, “ARTPOP”, “Sex Dreams”, and “Manicure” are catchy and awesome, and “Aura” is some awesome EDM goodness. “I Wanna Be With You” is beautiful too. I couldn’t be more excited for this album!!!

  • Redondo Beachgirl

    i thought the songs were kind of weak.