Lady Gaga Wants Fans To Choose Her Next ‘ARTPOP’ Single: Vote Now!

Sep 4th, 2013 // 5 Comments
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Lady Gaga debuted a bunch of ARTPOP songs at London’s iTunes Festival over the weekend, and very soon we’ll get to hear the studio version of one of those potentially amazing tracks. Gaga is currently soliciting votes on Facebook and Twitter for her next ARTPOP single, and the choices for “Applause” follow-up are “MANiCURE,” “Sexdreams,” “Aura” and “Swine.” So do you want your next dose of Gaga to be cheeky, sexy, batshit or bass-dropping? (Personally, I’m voting for “Swine” since I need to hear that rave-y craziness ASAP.)

Head here to vote on Facebook, and head below to see Gaga’s instructions for voting on Twitter. 



  1. All really good songs, and I know the consensus seems to be that Sex Dreams is the best choice for a 2nd single, I really do love MANiCURE. Sounds catchy but not like much on the radio right now.

  2. Next choices? You got to be kidding me, those are the best choices, this album is worst than I thought !!!!

  3. Since she hypocritically wore fur, I refuse to spend another penny on this b*tch.

  4. I prefer Sex Dreams for next single. Gaga is amazing, she never disappointed me in her albums. I’m so excited for ARTPOP.

  5. Connor Dalzin

    Swine is my favorite, but Manacure would be an awesome fun single. I hope it is either of those.

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