Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban & Harry Connick Jr. Are Your ‘American Idol’ Judges: See Their First Photo

Well! The new American Idol judges have been announced, and none of them are actually all that new — it’s Jennifer Lopez (from a few seasons back), Keith Urban (from last year) and Harry Connick Jr. (not a judge, but previously a mentor on the show, so it’s not all new to him).

Now, there’s photographic evidence: FOX has released the first photo of the three judges together at their famed weird glowing blue table, which was programmed by aliens in Simon Cowell‘s sex spaceship, probably. But they look pretty happy! Especially Jennifer Lopez, because she’s $17.5 million richer. That’s a $17.5 million smile if I’ve ever seen one.

Expect the whole production to be derailed once producers realize how good Christina Aguilera looks.

[via Ryan Seacrest]