Britney Spears Plots Vegas Domination, “Iconic” Collaboration With Miley Cyrus

That little countdown on Britney Spears‘ official website that you’ve been wondering about? Here’s one clue about what to expect: Britney fansite BreatheHeavy reports that an email went out to employees at various Las Vegas area hotels inviting them to “come play a part in the biggest announcement in Las Vegas Entertainment History” on September 17, the same date to which Spears’ calendar is currently counting down.

The note continued: “Expect this event to generate global media attention, so you don’t want to miss out!” Ahem. 

As if the expectation that whatever Britney’s announcing is significant enough to “generate global media attention” isn’t enough to secure her status as a living legend (you can look but don’t touch), producer Sean Garrett has spilled some more (rather vague) information about the upcoming duet between Spears and Miley Cyrus for Cyrus’ upcoming masterpiece BANGERZ. When the interviewer described the collab as potentially “epic,” Garrett had this to say:

“That’s the only way we know how to do it. I love both of them. That right there is iconic. You see now, I’m living life.”

How to do it. Iconic. Living life. There you go.

[via The Source]

  • buyyourstrulyonitunes

    brinty fly lyk regal berd

  • JazzRoz

    Oh please, Brit do NOT pair up with that immature disaster Miley. She is so bad for your rep.

  • JazzRoz

    At the very least please tell her to get rid of the two turds on the head kiddie hairdo, put a wig on her and tell her to dump the teddybear child routine. That VMA teddy bear routine would only appeal to the pedo market.

    Tell Miley if she wants to be respected as and adult artist to start acting and dressing like a 20 year old not some prepubescent teen.

    • Jay

      Have you seen what 20 years old wear? You make it sound like she’s 30 and dressing inappropriately.
      Remember what Britney Spears was like at that age? Heck, more importantly Christina Aguilera?
      The thing about Miley Cyrus is everyone has these misconceptions about her. People think that she set out to be respected, to be classy…she never said such things. For one she talks about weed. Have you seen her photographed by paparazzi? She dresses the way she does. She’s just being herself, at this space in time. People clearly keep asking her to be something she’s not. Would you want people to tell you to act? Whether you agree with it or not, its her life and she’s a young girl. It’s not like she’s having an Amanda Bynes-like meltdown. She’s not photographed trashed at clubs. She’s not linked to various men. It could be a lot worse than a bunch of teddy bears and her “kiddie hairdo.”
      Also, maybe Britney doesn’t judge the way Miley dresses or does her hair. Maybe she sees Miley for the girl she is inside, and she’s always been a nice person.