Emeli Sande’s “My Kind Of Love” Gets A Controversial New Video For The US: Watch

Sep 5th, 2013 // 6 Comments
Emeli's Harsh Kind Of Video

There’s no denying that Emeli Sande‘s “My Kind Of Love” packs a hefty emotional punch. It’s a love song in the truest sense — a vow to stand by someone through thick and thin. Which is why the new but not improved US video is so disappointing. Instead of tapping into the ballad’s raw essence, it goes for cheap sensationalism.

We’re treated to a woman being shot by a piece of shrapnel shaped into the word “bitch”. A man suffers a similar fate, only his bullet says “dick”. There’s also a dying horse and a bunch of really depressed people. And where does Emeli stand in all this? She is reduced to wildly emoting in the rain. Yes, that old cliche rears its ugly head. Watch up top.

Do you prefer this version or the original below? Give your verdict in the comments.


  1. Emeli Fan

    The US version of the video is much more powerful. Yes, emotional. As music should induce in us. Everytime someone makes a bold statement, they always come out of the woodwork with the harsh words about it. They being the incorrigible critics. Kind of ironic, cause that’s what this video is showing people doing. I’ll be enjoying her music live in Miami Beach, Oct 11, 2013. I already bought my tickets.

  2. Adriana Patranjan/Emeli Fan

    Also want to add that Emeli puts most American performers big in the US at the moment to shame. Why is it that I always have to cross the sea to Europe to find good music? Real music, real passion, real soul, Emeli. Take a hint Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Pink, etc etc etc.

  3. LL2

    I prefer the UK version. It gets to the heart of what the song is about with all the theatrics. Love is not about putting on a show, its really about just being there for someone no matter what and the UK version captures that perfectly.

  4. Coming from Glasgow, like Emeli, I have admired her career choices so far but with this so-called video she has lost a fan and she has made a massive faux-pas which, in time, she will undoubtedly regret. In these days, we are constantly assailed with violent imagery whether it is through video games, Hollywood churning out the usual gun hungry rubbish or, dare I say to be obvious, 24 hour news items (if you want violence you only need to ‘tap’ into what is happening in the ‘real world’ not the sanitised world of celebrity) but I was shocked that this video even got past the censors as it is violent in the extreme. She and whoever is responsible for this can paint it any which way she likes as a redemptive love song etc about going through thick and thin with someone you love but with the use of words ‘bitch’ ‘dick’ etc and the disturbing imagery throughout this should never have seen the light of day. As we say in these parts ‘You Emeli should be ashamed of yourself’

  5. I prefer the UK version because it tells a . A woman is very sick and Emeli takes her out of the hospital. The video is so real, right from the beginning with Emeli giving a polite smile as someone passes and then changes to worry after they pass. The video shows the message of the song. That being, I will TRULY be there when you are down and your so called friends are gone. (TRUE FRIEND).

    The US version is a head scratcher. It follows the pattern of Sande’s Clown video of disconnecting from the songs meaning.

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