‘Glee’ Tributes The Beatles: Watch The New Season Premiere Promo

All You Need Is Love!
The season five premiere of Glee will open with a Beatles-themed bang, with a new promo calling it “the biggest performance in Glee history.” Set to the band’s 1967 classic “All You Need Is Love,” the video shows the cast super excited about prepping for the performance (they even don Sgt. Pepper-inspired marching band jackets).

The upcoming season of Glee is shaping up to be a strong one — with the Beatles opener, Demi Lovato joining the cast where she’ll be playing Naya Rivera‘s love interest and Adam Lambert making a guest feature. Look out for the two-part season premiere on Thursday, September 26. It will be followed by a special tribute episode honoring the late Cory Monteith, which will air on October 10. After that, Glee will go on a hiatus before returning on November 7.

Check out the teaser video for the season premiere up top.

  • Stephanie Wood

    That article you linked to CLEARLY states Adam is “joining the cast” as does Ryan Murphy’s original tweet. Not meaning to split hairs but why are you downgrading it to “guest feature” now? Both Adam AND Demi are “joining the cast” of Glee.

  • Sam

    You wrote “Adam Lambert making a guest feature” in this article, but the article quoted by you wrote “Adam Lambert To Join The Cast Of ‘Glee’”. Do you know something that no one else knows?

  • Fran

    From everything I have read, Adam is now part of the cast and Demi is a guest with a story arc. Why do people like you try to diminish Adam every chance they get? It is sick!