Watch Janelle Monae Perform “Dance Apocalyptic” On David Letterman’s Desk

On the eve of the release of her cinematic The Electric Lady, Janelle Monae stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman and proved to anyone who still didn’t get the memo that she’s one of the best performers in music right now. Backed by her full, color-coordinated band, she broke out album cut “Dance Apocalyptic,” and as you’d expect from the title (or from past Monae performances), she was fleet-footed and frisky.

It culminated with Monae dancing on Letterman’s desk, leaping off, trashing her mic, undoing her hair and strutting off stage as the song finished (that last move kind of reminded me of Michael Vick running off the field after scoring a game-winning touchdown in overtime). It was electrifying, pun intended.

Monae performer pulled a similar stunt on BET earlier this year, when she started an impromptu dance party on 106 & Park. So, to any new acts who complain about TV studios being performance kryptonite…watch this and take notes.