Ibrawlator: Who Is The Best Dancing Diva?

Sep 10th, 2013 // 73 Comments

The contestants in Sony’s upcoming Battle of the Year clearly know how to bust a move — but we all know that our favorite dancing divas know how to serve up some killer choreography of their own.

From Beyoncé‘s spectacular weave-tossing, hip thrusts and body rolls to Britney‘s iconic shimmies, hair flips and Spearitual handography to Ciara‘s gravity-defying back bends and twerk skills, pop lovers are consistently dazzled by sizzling new moves to learn (and practice alone in our bedrooms at night) all year ’round. But which pop star knows how to pop, lock and drop it better than the rest? We want you to tell us.

Place your vote for the best dancing diva below. The winner will be announced on September 16 at 5 PM EST!

UPDATE: The vote is over! And the winner is…

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears! Check out the full tally below.

Which diva throws down the best? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. Sergio

    U Betta WORK BITCH!

  2. Netto Petersoon

    Omg aonde que a neyde dança? Esse povo é tudo Cego mesmo! adoram Se iludi com pouca coisa!

  3. Sem sombra de dúvidas Ciara, ninguém na atualidade tem coreografias tão bem elaboradas como as dela, JLo fica em um segundo lugar muito distante da Ciara, em terceiro, mesmo não estando listada a Shakira. E que diabos Britney Spears e Lady GaGa estão fazendo nessa lista? Elas nem ao menos sabem dançar, andam no palco enquanto fazem showzinho de mímica com as mãos, são DURAS.

  4. RUS

    Идите все в жопу!!!! БЕЙОНСЕ лучшая!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Miguel


  6. Beyoncé!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is the Queen!!!!!!!!!!:)

  7. Britney Spears, bitches!!!!!!

  8. Michell


  9. Anyone voting Gaga in a poll for best dancer REALLY needs a reality check tbh. Then again, 90% of her Little Gagoyles do.

  10. Go Britney
    Go Britney
    Go Britney
    it’s britney,BITCH !! \m/

  11. аггш

    U Betta WORK BITCH

  12. Losers just can’t sit with us. Y all need to WORK BITCH

  13. riri

    Lady gaga!!!

  14. riri

    Lady gaga

  15. johnloyd

    go lady gaga

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