Oh No! Ariana Grande Damages Vocal Cords, Forced To Cancel Shows

Sep 12th, 2013 // Comment
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Becoming the first solo female artist since Ke$ha to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 is very good for business. Unless, upon hearing that you’ve become one of only 15 ladies to ever pull off that feat, you scream in elation and damage the very vocal cords that helped get you to the top of the charts. That’s what seems to have happened to Ariana GrandePage Six reports that Grande suffered a vocal cord hemorrhage and has been advised to rest her voice, forcing her to cancel a handful of shows.

The young star took to Twitter to let people know she’s alright, saying “I screamed too much at my party totally irresponsible but it’s better now, thanks for the well wishes.” Head below to see her full tweet.


OK, Ariana, promise us that next time you score a chart victory (and there will be a next time), you stick to high fives and party poppers.


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