Is This Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ Tracklist? It Sure Looks That Way!

Katy Perry has let most of the world hear her new album Prism (and by “most of the world,” I mean that she’s hosted listening parties in both New York and Los Angeles for small groups of journalists), but she’s yet to unveil an official tracklist.

Last night, though, fans were photographed in the booth at her Los Angeles listening party holding a piece of paper that looks like the breakdown for the full version of Prism — since it includes all of the songs played during the listening event, plus a few new ones. From the standard edition, there’s a song called “This Moment” that wasn’t played; and then the deluxe edition tracks are titled “Spiritual,” “It Takes Two” and “Pick Your Battles.”

It does align with what she said during the listening event — and it would make sense to play them in largely chronological order — so I’ll bite. See the (likely, but not confirmed!) full tracklist below.

1. Roar
2. Legendary Lovers
3. Birthday
4. Walking on Air
5. Unconditionally
6. Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J)
7. This Is How We Do
8. International Smile
9. Ghost
10. Love Me
11. This Moment
12. Double Rainbow
13. By the Grace of God

Deluxe Edition
14. Spiritual
15. It Takes Two
16. Choose Your Battles

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