King The Kid Spoof Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” Video, Deliver A Surprisingly Great Cover

Sep 13th, 2013 // 3 Comments
What Would Miley Think?

Hats off to King The Kid. The relatively unknown trio from Oregon became an overnight YouTube sensation when their spoof of Miley Cyrus“Wrecking Ball” video went viral. And for good reason. Their clip is hilarious — the long-haired dude with the hammer kills me — and extremely well-executed.

But that’s not the most impressive thing. The band actually does a really good job of transforming Miley’s power ballad into a perky pop/rock song. Hopefully “Wrecking Ball” opens doors for King The Kid. Watch their mildly NSFW-video up top.

Do you like the band’s cover and video? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Phil Lewis

    I have been watching these guys, King the Kid, their talent is simply awesome, they attract all ages from 11 years old in our 70′s.
    They are real people who mix well with their fan’s, it’s so hard to find entertainers today, that really enjoy what they do. I heard that when they were touring, they would even entertain outside their venue for free, just to connect and meet their fans that showed up.
    King the Kid, David, Ricky, Jose the next generation of Super Stars.

  2. Sarah

    Great talent and very funny. The close up shots really show how cute they all are.

  3. Samantha K

    King the Kid is one of my favorite bands and the long-haired kid with the hammer, Ricky, is a great friend. The band’s original songs are better than any cover they ever made. I love them so much! They might go on tour again soon, so keep your fingers crossed!

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