Donna Summer’s “Working The Midnight Shift” (Holy Ghost! Remix): Idolator Premiere

Back in 1977, Donna Summer raised the bar for disco releases by offering up the sweeping, fairy-tale-themed double album Once Upon A Time. Thirty-six years later to the exact week, the beloved diva’s posthumous remix collection Love To Love You Donna will arrive (it’s out October 22). You may recall that we premiered the tracklist a few weeks back — and among the mixes is Holy Ghost!‘s reworking of “Working The Midnight Shift,” which first appeared on Once Upon A Time.

Lyrically, “Working The Midnight Shift” served as the precursor to Donna’s early-’80s smash “She Works Hard For The Money.” Holy Ghost’s mix finds the New York duo taking the original, futuristic Giorgio Moroder production and shaping it into a modern day synth-fueled stomper.

Head below to hear Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel‘s musical reinvention of the classic Donna Summer song.

Donna Summer — “Working The Midnight Shift” (Holy Ghost! Remix)

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  • Rico

    what is this? the beat is very 80′s
    ok, that could work on some clubs
    but the vocals are really disappointing, that’s the track everyone will skip, sorry guys!

  • djklive

    omg omg more & more disappointing with every track….enough is enough …. This remix actually had promise when i heard the first few bars……but when the vocall started i hung my head in shame…shame on the Holy Ghost!

  • DS1

    Disappointment is the only word to describe the feelings i have after
    hearing almost all of the album tracks.Sad to say ,i hope this album
    never get released.If younger people learn Donna from this …….
    The dj’s are completely out of place.They just can’t understand the spirit of DonnaThey treat her songs like she is a newcomer with monotone.repeated noises,snippets of vocals,old fashioned house.The songs have lost,all of their energy.Donna was the joy of life,the feeling good,feeling free and that feeling for sure there isn’t in this album.I’ll stick with the originalsSorry,for my poor english

  • dumpskei

    I Don’t Like It At ALL..Some Things should NOT Be Touched At ALL

  • Joseph M. Smith


  • Ed

    Awful! Horrible! Huge Mistake! Sucks! Disappointing! I can go on and on about how bad this is. I have lost interest in this project!!

  • steven

    SO disappointing, and not anywhere near the energy and vibrance of the original songs. What a bummer.

  • DJ Fruit Loops

    they could have at least used Donnas Vocals

  • Izak Kruger

    Absolutely horrendous! I’m afraid, most of the tracks are a let down but this one is the stinking cherry on a melting cake!

  • djansso1

    this is definitely NOT Donna Summer!! It sounds to me like Tiffany Roth from the band “Midnight Magic” and it turns out They are touring with holy Ghost and holy Ghost released Midnight Magic’s new CD. I don’t know about you but this is what I think and that is very tacky to replace Donna’s vocals. If anybody finds validity to this speculation let me know.

  • Earl Morris

    We have Donna’s estate to blame for this whole messy remix album. And by “estate” I’m referring to her widower Bruce Sudano, who is in charge of this project that comes across as little more than a very cheap and exploitative money grab. If this is the kind of low quality product Donna’s estate is willing to sign off on then I’m glad Universal Music “lost” her masters.