Lady Gaga Explains The True Meaning Of “Applause,” Sort Of

Searching for meaning in Lady Gaga‘s new single “Applause”? Don’t turn to the annals of history — nostalgia’s for geeks, remember! — just look no further than Mother Monster’s Twitter for an explanation.

The superstar took to Twitter earlier today to share some thoughts and feelings about the song’s meaning at the intersection of art and celebrity.

Let’s take a closer look.

Good! The self-seriousness of the song isn’t entirely sincere — it’s social commentary. Very meta, Gaga. I’m on board. It’s a response to those who might say that celebrities aren’t in it for purely artistic reasons.

Wait, so she’s a celebrity first, and an artist second, and requires the platform of celebrity in order to promote her artistry? Okay, that follows, sort of.

So the song is about using the platform of celebrity to promote her artistry, and getting the applause required to see whether she’s been successful in doing so? But doesn’t that make the song sincere?

So it’s not satirical, because she does live for the applause (plause plause), but she’s not like celebrities who do that, because she’s an artist.

And there you have it.

Or, in other words:

And then, just when she’s beginning to try our patience with all the philosophizing, she redeems it with something so sweet and genuine it’s irresistible.

Oh, Gaga. Never change.

  • Howiet

    What a pretentious loud of hypocritical bullsh*t.
    One minute she’s saying it’s about what people ‘think’ celebs live for, the next she’s saying it ‘is’ what she lives for. And then calling herself an artist rather then a celeb, blah blah.
    He ego is so out of control it’s just UGLY.

  • Rob Wolford

    “So, Mr. Rhorshock, what do you see?” My apologies, ma’am, I did not appreciate the breadth and depth of your craft; I stand corrected and admiring your commentary.

  • Gabriel

    I think you don’t understand her. For me, that’s clear: she’s an artist who loves to use the performatic perspective with pop music. She uses the pop to be that performer. She doesn’t do it just for her. She does it for everybody. So, she needs the “industry” for it. Please, it’s show business. She’s not a hippie. She loves to sing (duh), but she loves to dance and perform too, so she puts a lot of meanings in everything she does. That’s why her work is confusing, but amazing.

    She put THAT art perspective in the music. She mixes the performatic art with music art. She thought the appropriated name for it was ‘ARTPOP’. Well, she got it.

  • none ya

    this bitch is dog ugly, by the way my dog needs a mate, I wonder if she is available, then and again I do not even think my dog would touch her with a 10 ft. stick.