Dolly Parton And Kenny Rogers Reunite For “You Can’t Make Old Friends”: Watch

Sep 18th, 2013 // 21 Comments
Together Again!

Forget about Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears joining forces on Bangerz — the best duet of 2013 is already here! Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers celebrate the 30th anniversary of pop classic “Islands In The Stream” by reuniting for nostalgic ballad “You Can’t Make Old Friends”.

Happily, it’s a heartstring-pulling triumph. The country legends have recorded a love song in the truest sense. This is a simple, honest and heartfelt ode to loyalty and friendship. The shamelessly sentimental video clip is equally touching. Dolly and Kenny introduce the song — discussing their mutual respect for one another — before performing the gorgeous ballad on an empty stage.

Make sure you keep watching after the clip finishes. The delightful duo continue their pre-song conversation, declaring that they will be best friends forever. You might need a tissue handy.

Have Dolly and Kenny lived up to the magic of “Islands In The Stream”? Give your verdict in the comments below.


  1. B Smith

    LOVE THEM!! Such a sweet video, and great song!

  2. rainer

    simply perfect

  3. sandra

    fabulous as always x

  4. Enzo

    The Bee Gees song was great, this is just ordinary

  5. Mike

    I think the lyrics are far better than Islands In the Stream-even though I like that song too. Can’t beat Dolly.

  6. Sal

    The song & the warmth makes me smile. Love it. Brings back memories of my old friends that I’m Blessed with.

  7. I had the privilege of meeting both Dolly and Kenny….not together, but they both are amazing talents and so very giving to others…… boy what I would have given to be a mouse in that auditorium when they were taping this……wow…. love them both and LOVE this new song….. and it’s soooooo right on…. you can’t make old friends!!!!

  8. Rebecca

    2 beautiful voices in perfect harmony.

  9. Brian Applegate G/C

    Absolutely Fabulous Song i Sing Country NO ONE like KENNY & DOLLY should have been partners but they are special friends.
    I was the Master George Jone’s Funeral saw the butterfly that Dolly sent SUCH a tribute & Kenny Too lol from Gran Canaria

  10. bobbi jo

    omg dolly and kenny u have always taking my heart away love the chemistry between you 2 xo

  11. Mamanub

    Beautiful! Brought me to tears!

  12. Linda

    I think it is amazing that both of these two artist can still pull at my heartstrings after these many years. A part they are great Artists, together they are an amazing. While I have never met them personally, I have grown up ejoying many performances. In my heart , as I suspect in the hearts of millions, they are old friends to us all. I trust this song will become another well loved song that like all friendships, will stand the test of time, and play on well beyond my time here on earth. (And I plan on being around a very long time…lol) Great performance. Hope to see more of them both…..

  13. Lindi

    This is the perfect song. Dolly and Kenny have always been a perfect pair

  14. Pam Goulding

    They are the best and there will never be anyone else like then,always loved them and always will.

  15. Joe

    Great song! Pleased they reunited!

  16. renee doss

    I”ve always loved dolly and Kenny, that was a great song! I loved it! and it is a true song, you cant make old friends…. being a friend from the start, and always being friends forever is a great feeling to have! not many people can be “old friends”, they are really hard to find, so if you have a good friend, keep them close and forever, til the day that they are gone, or you are gone… friends are very special.. everyone needs a “friend”!!!!! love you dolly and Kenny, yall are my “friends”, love to meet one day, that is my wish! always!!!

  17. Bernard D'Silva

    A wonderful and a touching song, that you can never get tired of listening and connecting to.

  18. Annette

    Beautiful duet !! I’ve always loved Islands In the Stream…and love this one too !!

  19. Maureen

    I just cant stop listening to it….absolutely beautiful

  20. Ken

    What a fantastic new song by two of country’s all time legends. I grew up listening to both and a huge fan of Dolly!! This song is truly awesome – hope they will tour together again that would be a gift to us all!!

  21. This was amazing I love these two. I can’t imagine them not singing together. Just wonderful

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