Enrique Iglesias Drops The Bass On “Heart Attack”: Hear The Dubstep-Infused Track

Miami-based lothario Enrique Iglesias managed a pretty stunning career renaissance in 2010 when he embraced stadium-sized house music for his ninth studio album Euphoria. And after that album sold four million copies worldwide and spawned one absolutely ubiquitous radio-dominating hit, I think it’s safe to say that he won’t be changing his songwriting formula anytime soon.

For his currently untitled forthcoming 10th studio album (expected out later this year), Iglesias already dropped the sexy club thumper “Turn the Night Up”, and now he returns with “Heart Attack,” a track that marries his seductive Latin pop sensibilities with the bass blaring weirdness of dubstep. Hear the song below.


  • Adam

    This track is extremely similar to Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’. There’s nothing else I can say (eh, eh).

  • candy

    love this song!! beautiful! Still sounds like hs singing about this girl he lost and still loves. god dam i wish i knew who she was=====

  • sami

    ohhhh i love this song! So much better then turn the night up! i wish i knew who this girl was also, that hes always singing about!! we will probably never know but whoever she is what a lucky lucky girl!

  • Amir

    is this leaked song or what ?

  • yolanda

    This is a beautiful song and sad at the same time. No i dont think its a leaked song. I believe not. He probably wrote it for that girl he loves a long time ago and can’t have her..