Demi Lovato’s Next Single Will Be Rave-Tastic Synth Anthem “Neon Lights”

Demi Lovato has chosen “Neon Lights” as the third single from Demi — at least according to her super-clued in stans. Seriously, you can’t hide anything from Lovatics. Those guys are half fan army, half detective agency!

Rumors started circulating that the Ryan Tedder-penned dance anthem would be Demi’s next single when Hollywood Records uploaded it to their SoundCloud page. The decision was then seemingly confirmed in a press release for the confusingly-titled fundraiser Today For We Day Toronto.

If it turns out to be correct, this is a great choice. Demi is rather heavy on mid-tempo pop ballads, so it makes sense to switch things up by going with the LP’s only real party-starter. Listen to the catchy future hit after the jump.

Is this a good choice for Demi’s third single? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Britt

    The only song on the album I don’t like. Cool.

  • carlos

    NO. This is generic as hell. What’s wrong with her label? It should be Without the Love.

  • Hassan

    This is the only song I dont like on the album, this isnt even Demi’s style of music! What about Warrior? really Dont Care? without the love? So many better songs to choose from! two Pieces??????

  • Rion

    Hollywood Records does a really terrible job at marketing. This, first of all, is obviously one of the songs she didn’t write that was forced onto her album for single-potential. They’re really all over the place and they’re making it seem like Demi’s music is that way. She’s been popular so far for her relatable, quotable pop songs like “Give Your Heart a Break” and “Heart Attack” as well as her headstrong ballads like “Skyscraper” the next single should definitely be “Without The Love” or something spunky that’ll grab the young audience’s attention like “Something That We’re Not” or perhaps “Warrior” as it would most likely have the success of Skyscraper.

    • amonynous

      you do know she didnt write a single word of “Skyscraper”? Kerli, from Estonia, wrote the song and gave it to her.

  • Lovatic

    It is a cool song.But i really like Really Don’t Care.It must be Demi’s third single.

  • Jimmy Cervantes Cardenas

    I hope become a succesfull single because I want more singles of DEMI! Without The Love, Really Don’t Care, Shouldn’t Come Back & Warrior have the potential hit-single!

  • Hi

    Ugh.The ONE song I don’t really like. What about “Really Don’t Care”? “Fire Starter”? “Never Been Hurt”? “Something That We’re Not”? “Nightingale”? “Warrior”? “Without the Love”? “In Case”? “Shouldn’t Come Back”? “Two Pieces”? Any of those would be better choices than “Neon Lights”. (Yes, I did just list off every song.)

  • Alfi Muhamad

    For me, I’d choose either Warrior, Nightingale, or In Case because those songs are the really deep songs that seem to might win a GRAMMY, but I gotta say i do love Neon Lights, and for those who don’t. Don’t hate, just love

  • Bubbyray

    Not that it’s a terrible song, but there are A LOT BETTER songs on the album. Demi is known for her ballads. Skyscraper practically restarted her career. See has a great voice, but she doesn’t seem to be personally into neon lights at all. Two Pieces, Really Don’t Care, Warrior, Without The Love, Nightingale. They would all be great. Her 2nd single, Made in the U.S.A. is good too, but being the second single after heart attack doesn’t make it look as good. She should switch labels. NOW.