Jason Derulo’s ‘Tattoos’ EP: Review

Miami pop-R&B star Jason Derulo may compare past loves to regrettable tattoos on his new EP, but these five songs emphasize how he relishes in starting anew. While his past efforts (2010′s self-titled album and 2011′s Future History) shifted slyly from bubbly pop to polished rock and electrifying dance, the surprising Tattoos (out today,
  • Jeremy Furfaro

    All of his albums are amazing. each one has something that the others don’t. Every single he has released is amazing. unlike every other singer. personally i hate drake’s new song. it is a boring song. take care was much better. “Marry Me” is the only song that has ever made me tear up a bit. not even trey songz’s powerful “Almost Lose It” can do that.
    the album gets a 5/5 for me. i love every song. and i am still listening to it after a month. that may not seem much but, i would listen to the album fully 2-3 times a day. some songs, i play 10 times a day. i’d like to drake make an album this good. not even take care compares to Tattoos. Australia is loving it. 4.5/5 on Itunes. i might even argue this is his best album. after all Marry Me, did make me tear up. :) (All IMO)