Proof That Beyonce Is The Consummate Live Performer (Or A Fabulous Robot)

Beyonce is one of the best live performers on the planet. Anyone lucky enough to catch The Mrs. Carter Show can attest to that. Singing and dancing flawlessly is hard enough but Queen Bey goes above and beyond in circumstances that would make lessor divas run from the stage in tears.

With King B the show always goes on despite inclement weather, wig malfunctions or personal injury. Here are five examples that cement the diva’s reputation as pop’s most professional (and peerless) performer.

1. She kept singing every time Michelle Williams fell

The show has to go on. That has been Beyonce’s motto since the birth of Destiny’s Child. No matter how many times Michelle fell at her feet, Bey just side-stepped her sister and kept dancing.

2. She kept dancing after falling down a staircase — head first!

Michelle isn’t the only R&B diva to occasionally take a dive. Beyonce was whipping her weave at a concert in Orlando circa 2007 when she tripped on her dress. This wasn’t a minor fall. Third Ward Trill fell down a flight of stairs — head first — but immediately got to her feet and continued her flawless hairography.

3. She kept performing torrential rain

The Mrs. Cater Show is currently wowing crowds in South America but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Beyonce had to sing, dance and look flawless in torrential rain and, you guessed it, somehow pulled it off.

4. She kept singing while being scalped by an electric fan

Beyonce’s heavenly weave was almost snatched by an electric fan in Montreal but the “Standing On The Sun” diva still didn’t miss a beat of “Halo”. It was around this time The Hive began to speculate that Bey might be an advanced life-form from another planet.

5. She kept singing despite being kidnapped

Beyonce made international headlines when she was bear-hugged by a shirtless Brazilian and dragged into the crowd like a rag-doll. Luckily, a security guard stepped in and the 32-year-old pop goddess finished “Irreplaceable without missing a single word. It’s not human!


Beyonce is obviously not of this world. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below.