Ke$ha Rocks Out On “Meet Me In Space”: Listen To The Unreleased ‘Warrior’ Track

Remember when Ke$ha promised to bring cock-pop (ie. hazy ’70s rock mixed with bone-rattling electro) to the masses but then released the three most traditional pop songs on (the admittedly near perfect) Warrior as singles?

Well, it seems the diva’s original vision for the LP might have been more in line with crunchy guitar-pop gems like “Dirty Love” and “Only Wanna Be With You” than “C’Mon” and “Crazy Kids” if recently-surfaced reject “Meet Me In Space” is any indication.

Produced by Nathan Chapman (best known for his work with Taylor Swift), the woozy track is a total winner despite being in fairly early demo form. K$ wails and moans like she’s going through childbirth over pulsing synths before the song erupts into a peculiarly endearing rock-disco anthem.

“I wanna love like I’ve never had my heart broke before,” laments the hitmaker before inviting the object of her affection to meet her in space. Listen in awe after the jump.

Perhaps its time to re-release Warrior complete with “Machine Gun Love” and this little gem? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Adam

    This track reminds of the old Ke$ha, before ‘TiK ToK’, Kesha without the dollar sign. She actually makes good music.
    I personally like it, dunno why this didn’t make the cut, but I’m now eager for a next LP, this time filled with her promise of cock-pop more evolved and defined. Kuddos to you, Ke$ha

  • FA

    This should have been the lead Warrior single. It’s insanely catchy like Die Young but it’s lyrically very mature and personal and not at all generic. And it would have done what Die Young failed to do; sell her album. It would have had appeal across multiple radio formats and she would have earned some much deserved respect. It’s already a fantastic song as a rough demo. Imagine how much better it would have been as a finished track.

    • 8uhju

      yes, you are absoulutely right, die young was a hit single but album was a flop. her producers are taking her down with making same generic music.

  • Lacie

    This song is greeeeaaatt! Ke$ha has such amazing vocals, and untouched this definitely backs up that statement. Her lyrics are so incisive and beautiful if you really listen to them. Dunno why she didn’t include this as another track on Warrior definitely worthy!

    • FA

      Kesha wanted it on Warrior and she was really upset when her label rejected it.

  • dyl_rob

    her label is pissing me off
    the only reason people aren’t noticing her as much is because they hear the same ol type of Ke$ha songs
    im a HUGE fan of hers (since before tik tok) im not happy that her label wont let people see her versatility when it comes to music