CHVRCHES Transform Whitney Houston’s “It’s Not Right But It’s Ok” Into A Synth Anthem: Listen

Some anthems are so perfect they should never be touched. I’d place Whitney Houston‘s “It’s Not Right But It’s Ok” in that category. A theme song for wronged lovers the world over, Nippy’s sassy R&B kiss-off is an enduring delight/crutch in times of need. Which makes CHVRCHES decision to cover it a mental challenge.

On the one hand, the Scottish trio have perfected the art of understated electro-pop but toning down the fury that made the song so memorable is unsettling. As such, the band’s cover remains an entertaining but ultimately failed experiment.

“It’s Not Right But It’s Ok” survives the sonic overhaul largely due to Lauren Mayberry‘s icy vocals but it now sounds overly polite and self-pitying. Whitney, on the other hand, was ready to cut a bitch. Listen to CHVRCHES’ take on a classic after the jump.

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