Whatcha Say: Britney Spears, Cher & Ke$ha Got Our Readers Talking

This week in pop music was a quieter one, but there were still plenty of big moments to discuss! It was the week of Britney Spears (again) as she teased multiple photos and a video snippet of her new “Work Bitch” single. The Voice and Glee came back for for their fifth seasons this week, while Drake, CHVRCHES and Cher all released new albums. Oh, did we forget to mention that Paris Hilton is officially back?!

It was also the week of Twitter beefs, as Jimmy Kimmel v. Kanye West and Rihanna v. Teyana Taylor dominated our timelines. Lastly, we’ve crowned the winner for the October edition of Magazine Melee! Beating Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry is…Christina Aguilera!

Check out some of this week’s best comments below!

:: When we asked what Britney was thinking when Miley gave her a hug backstage at the iHeartRadio Festival in this week’s Caption This on Instagram, anthlemons got inside B’s mind: “I love fan meet and greets!”

:: Destiny989 got Smilers together on Cher Takes ‘David Letterman’ By Storm, Talks Miley Cyrus And Rock & Roll History: “Cher doesn’t need Miley to get attention, she has been master of getting it way before Miley even existed. She makes Miley look like a nun with some of the things that have gone on in her life. As for the naked thing, Cher did it first way before it was cool and with alot more class I might add. Miley isn’t even in her league.”

:: Many thought Rihanna‘s Instagram debacle was quite petty, including blaackeagle on Rihanna Sparks Outrageous Twitter Beef With Teyana Taylor By Posting A Catty Instagram Video: “I love some of Rihanna’s music and I like her vocals but lately I have unfollowed her on Instagram just because she’s gone too far with her egocentrism – she thinks she’s the Goddess of Greece, lol. Or she drinks and uses marijuana too much. Get down to the ground, RiRi”

:: ptizzy got right to the point about Beyonce on Proof That Beyonce Is The Consummate Live Performer (Or a Fabolous Robot): “She is not human. She is a goddess. Fact.”

:: Adam is ready for even more music from Ke$ha on Ke$ha Rocks Out On “Meet Me In Space”: Listen To The Unreleased ‘Warrior’ Track: “This track reminds of the old Ke$ha, before ‘TiK ToK’, Kesha without the dollar sign. She actually makes good music. I personally like it, dunno why this didn’t make the cut, but I’m now eager for a next LP, this time filled with her promise of cock-pop more evolved and defined. Kuddos to you, Ke$ha”

:: Really? brought out the sarcasm on Britney Spears’ Vegas Spectacular Might Not Be Selling So Well: “RadarOnline… really? Great coughfabricatedcough story there guys :)”

:: Lastly,  Julia summed up all our thoughts of a Ke$ha/Pitbull collaboration on Ke$ha And Pitbull Join Forces On Future Classic “Timber”: “OMG no”