Britney Spears Will Debut Her “Work Bitch” Video On Tuesday, October 1

You wanna see Britney Spears squeeze into a bikini and do some choreography? You better tune into The CW on October 1, bitch. After what feels an eon of brief previews and cagey snaps from the set, “Work Bitch” will finally premiere in full on Tuesday.

The pop legend has a lot riding on this video given the track’s lackluster start on iTunes, so expect her to deliver an attention-grabbing extravaganza. It’s all about streaming now anyway, as Miley Cyrus and those VEVO records prove. Fingers crossed that the diva’s latest is more “Toxic” and less “Hold It Against Me”. See Britney’s announcement after the jump.

Will Britney pull something extraordinary out of her hat? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • aerogens

    This is the fiercest I’ve seen her in a decade! The video sneak peek itself doesn’t seem like it will be an overwhelmingly awesome with choreography or meaning but I don’t even care as long as I can see the fire in her eyes again!
    Btw, someone posted a longer version of the instagram sneak peek:

  • ptizzy

    Those two backup chicks look eerily similar to how Gaga was dressed in the Pokerface video when she came out of the pool. Wonder if this was intentional. :/

    • blaackeagle

      So what. Microscope-eyed. No wigs. No Gaga. You better work, B****!

  • Julia

    yess baby! go get those wigs

  • Sven Kiebooms

    It really looks like Lady Gaga Pokerface…