Paris Hilton’s “Good Time” Single Pushed Back A Week, But Here’s An Extended Video Preview

The arrival of Paris Hilton‘s new single “Good Time,” originally slated for today, has been pushed back a week (to October 8), and we can’t think of anything more disappointing for the nation to endure. (What’s that — there’s a government shutdown? Oh…)

To tide disillusioned Americans over, the entrepreneurial songstress has provided a much longer clip of the “Good Time” music video than we first saw last week. There are more glow sticks! More beautiful club-goers! More of Paris’ rhinestone-covered boobs! And a bit of Lil Wayne‘s raunchy (like, really raunchy) rap. To be honest, though, we’re too blinded by the second coming of Paris The Pop Star to even pay attention to Weezy.

Watch above and sit tight for seven more days, world.