Lorde Apologizes To Taylor Swift For Shady Remarks, Forgets About Selena Gomez

Lorde made the terminal mistake of shading Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez in recent interviews and subsequently became public enemy number one for miffed fans. Well, the 16-year-old must have finally logged into Twitter and seen the zombie apocalypse that is her timeline because she has issued an apology via her Tumblr account.

The “Royals” hitmaker started by admitting that she “cocked that up a bit and what I said wasn’t put in context” but explained her stance by saying: “there’s a lot of importance placed on physical perfection in this industry, and I wish my favorite stars didn’t look perfect because I think fans (me included) have these feelings of worthlessness.”

She then became downright sycophantic, writing: “[Taylor] happens to be good looking, but I think she actually uses her other imperfections in an incredibly powerful and relatable way” and also noted that “Taylor Swift has a very unique vision, which I admire.” That’s lovely but what about Selena Gomez? I guess Lorde still thinks she’s anti-feminist. To think the Disney diva gave her all that free promo by covering “Royals” on tour. Shady.

Is the Kiwi singer forgiven? Let us know in the comments below.

  • rebyl

    HA!!! selena did her a disservice singing royals. She BUTCHERED it and sang the wrong lyrics. She should be the one apologizing.

    • Jules

      Wrong or not, Selena brought much recognition to the song, & Lorde shows poor manners not acknowledging such. Instead of a thank you for a career boost, she digs at Selena’s huge hit song, Come & Get It, which most of the world loves. It’s about perspective. I don’t find the song anti-feminist. It’s a very bold song. A male could say the same thing & not be thought weak. It’s just a matter of viewpoint.

  • Sven

    Selena is a no-talent…shes just more eye candy BS.

  • Maya

    Selena has no talent and pathetically hinted about Bieber during her entire press run for her album while making a big show of banning questions.

    She deserves no apology from Lorde and that is why she didn’t get one.

    Gomez is just another music business wh*re and her acting is appalling.

    Justin did himself a favor ducking out of that relationship, however and for whatever reasons.

  • Yorki

    Who cares if she didn’t sound well? You guys probably wouldn’t be any better. Lorde doesn’t know Taylor and Selena personally, so yes; She made a rude mistake.