Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” Music Video: Review Revue

The world is still buzzing about the return of the Holy Spearit after last night’s premiere of Britney Spears“Work Bitch” music video. The clip was all sex dungeons and desert dance-athons, with Britney dominating the proceedings with a crack of her whip and a flip of her hair. In our writeup, we said Spears somehow turned back time and looked “absolutely gorgeous in an array of skimpy outfits,” so we excused her sometimes minimal dance moves.

In fact, the biggest takeaway around the Web was just how stunning Brit looked, almost exactly 15 years after storming into the spotlight in her schoolgirl outfit and pigtails. Head below to see the heaps of praise.

:: Fuse called the video a “sleek and sexy” return to form.

:: MTV felt director Ben Mor “wasn’t lying” when he said the video would show a more adult side of the star, and argued the clip proves Brit is “ready for her next era to launch.”

:: E! said it was “everything Britney Spears fans could want and more,” adding, “There is just so much going on, we don’t even know where to start! But how about Brit’s bangin’ body? Yes, let’s start there.”

:: Celebuzz called the video “classic Britney” and boiled it down to its essence: “Have bra, will dance, bitch.”

:: Entertainmentwise thinks “the pop princess oozes sex appeal” and “is back to her old provocative ways.”

:: Pop Sugar enjoyed it, too: “Even though the premise of the video is a little unclear, we’re going to go ahead and give Brit an ‘A’ for ‘Abs.'”

:: But HitFix wasn’t too impressed by the video (though, like everyone else, they were blown away by Brit’s physique), focusing on the strange Beats Pill ball-gag product placement. “It’s one of the more creative, if not repellant, ways I’ve seen a blatant product placement in a video and, quite frankly, it’s the most interesting thing in the video.”

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