Christina Aguilera Performs At Private Gig In Washington, DC & Gets “Dirrty” Again: Watch

Christina Aguilera, the newly crowned Slendertina Slayuilera of pop, performed at a private show in Washington, DC, last week, causing the government to shut down because they knew they couldn’t compete with her, so they just gave up altogether. Can you blame them?

Still! The Lotus legend performed several tunes for a crowd of rapt politicos, including “Moves Like Jagger” (a Maroon 5 song), “Feel This Moment” (a Pitbull song), “Dirrty,” (a song from 2002) and “Let There Be Love” (a very good song). Disappointingly, she did not perform “Lotus Intro,” nor did she rise up from a platform in the stage wearing a sheer pink curtain. Sigh. Maybe next year. 

The good news: She looked great (wearing a glittery leotard and golden kimono thing, because there’s no way Christina would be caught dead wearing pants in our nation’s capitol), sounded even better and caused a government shutdown. “We Remain,” indeed.

Watch her performances below.