Tamar Braxton Performs An Understated Cover Of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” In Paris: Watch

Tamar Shines Bright!
Tamar Braxton irrefutably proved her vocal chops when she scalped the vast majority of R&B divas with “Love And War”, so tackling Rihanna‘s “Diamonds” at a show in Paris should be easy. Right? Well, the 36-year-old eventually pulls it off — reaching full flight in the final minute — but it starts off strangely understated.

Toni’s little sister is a more-is-more kind of lady and should refrain from quietly humming on stage. It made me nervous. Happily, the grand finale is a triumphant with the trademark vocal acrobatics we’ve come to expect from Tamar. Watch up top and brace yourself for chills.

Should Tamar add this to her setlist? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Bosslady89

    Love it

  • Kevon Ja’mar Blake

    I love her take on this song. She made the song sound intimate, personal and emotional. The way I think the song SHOULD have been interpreted. Made me “feel” the lyrics more. Would love to hear her record it like this in a professional studio setting.


    Thought it was OK… The ending was good, but the rest was a little too dramatic.

  • Jace

    tamar sang the song very sexy not that rihanna could not but Tamar used the song in the setting that she was in to reach the people in closure to her performance and it was Amazing. People should understand the person thats singing in that moment before they judge them singing someone elses song.