Heartbreakers, Dark Ladies & Atomic Bombs: 11 Sexy Animated Music Video Singers

Any discussion of music video animation must begin — and rightly so — by invoking “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits. but do you really want to boink any of them? (Quiet, Mom.)

Today, class, we’re focusing on music videos where lead singers are animated…and sexy as hell! (Deemed ineligible, but fabulous, are stop-motion animation and bands where the members are already animated.) Here, for your prurient perusal, is the definitive list of the sexiest cartoon versions of lead singers, from nottest to hottest.

11. George Michael – “Shoot the Dog”

Is there anything sexy about heavy-handed political commentary? No? How about George Michael drawn as Marge Simpson? Still no? Well, what about Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou wearing a leopard-print thong while trying to seduce Cherie Blair? No? Did we mention Tony Blair and George W. Bush indulge in sock puppetry and puppy play? Ladies & Gentlemen: the best of George Michael!