Lady Gaga Raises The Artistic Bar With The Official ‘ARTPOP’ Album Cover

After a 30-minute unveiling that was streamed live across the globe, the official cover of Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP is finally here — and the singer is definitely taking the “ART’ part of  ARTPOP seriously, as legendary sculptor Jeff Koons created a one-of-a-kind sculpture of Mother Monster for use on the artwork. The cover shows the austere Gaga sculpture donning her “Poker Face” wig and cupping her breasts, while one of Koons’ famous blue balls (ahem) sits in between her legs. Behind the sculpture are strips of Sandro Botticelli’s famous Renaissance painting “The Birth Of Venus” (which Gaga has repeatedly referenced) juxtaposed with black-and-white images, plus a bubble-gum pink font splashed across the graphic that evokes The Sex Pistols.

After seeing the cover, Lady Gaga’s aesthetic this era makes a lot more sense: From the Marina Abramovic promotional video to the Koons shout-out on lead single “Applause,” it seems like the singer is trying to make a meta-commentary on the history of art and the tension between classicism and modernity. Look out for more of Lady Gaga’s artistic journey on ARTPOP when it drops November 11.

View the album cover in glorious high-quality below. 

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  • Sven Kiebooms

    I like it! But girl please… that font… (still much better than Born This Way cover). 8/10

  • DylanB

    I’m excited about this cover. I think it’s stunning, but I do hope the second single will be released soon. She needs to ride the wave so to speak. If she lets the excitement die down again, I’m afraid the second single won’t pack much punch.

  • Jay

    Sure, it’s a fun cover…and probably better than anyone will put out in the mainstream pop world, but i feel like it’s something you would see in Nylon magazine.

  • Linsey


    lord.. either she gave you a lot of $$$$ to write that nonsense or you’re just as deluded as those little freaks of hers.

    • Carlos Hoberty Alves

      Who you calling a freak?! It’s people like you who should be extinct from the face of the earth! I’d like to see you do better. GET A LIFE!!

      • Linsey

        carlos darling, it’s “who you calling a freak? GET A LIFE” sounds like you’re only 8. It’s not going to make me like gaga more, in fact, it makes me dislike her fans.

        read it again: “the singer is trying to make a meta-commentary on the history of art and the tension between classicism and modernity.”

        This reads like it was written by gaga herself.

        • Billy Ritchie

          It’s OBVIOUSLY Art, seeing as it was created by Jeff Koons, who is, you guessed it! AN ARTIST

        • calin

          Linsey sweetie base on your comment and reply you might be older but not mature enough. Don’t judge her fans as freaks or any group of pleople, it’s not nice and they aren’t freaks to beggin with.

  • buylotusonitunesnow

    Its good that she has her name in large print this time… as it is her name that will sell albums.

  • marty

    I love the cover! It’s weird seeing her doing so colourful after The Fame Monster and Born This Way but it’s good nontheless.

  • Yoani Veg

    I like a lot :) 9/10

  • Naomi

    Well, it’s better than the BTW album cover. It’s meh to me. There’s just too much going on here. I feel like there wasn’t much input put into this.

  • Jack

    Gaudy. Not as gaudy as BTW.

    Would have liked a simpler design, perhaps just the Koons piece and the text. So scratch the Botecelli imagery and B&W stuff.