Paris Hilton’s “Good Time”: Hear The Heiress’ Dance Cut With Lil Wayne

Paris Hilton‘s much-much-anticipated new single “Good Time” is finally upon us, and it’s, well, a pretty good time!

Hilton had promised straight-up dance music, and she delivers: The Afrojack-produced track hits solid marks with chilly synths that evoke Gina G‘s 1996 hit “Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit” and lyrics that feel quintessentially Paris: “I came here just to party / Oh please don’t you hate on me, yeah / Got my sexy girls with me / Oh, I love it,” she sings over the frosty beat. The synth riff is catchy, although production-wise, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel: It’s right on trend. 

While Wayne’s verse leaves something to be desired (“All she know is suck, fuck” doesn’t inspire much), it’s a worthy effort from the celebutante-turned-pop princess — and it’ll sound just right blasting from the speakers of your local discotheque. Turn it up, indeed.

Listen below.

  • DylanB

    This is painfully horrendous. I’ve never hidden my distaste for Paris Hilton, and this “song” just cements it. What a joke. I feel like pouring bleach into my ears.

    • Greg

      YOU AND ME both.

    • J.

      “i’ve never hidden my distaste for paris hilton”

      this just begs the question….why are you bothering to listen to the song then if you dislike her so much?

      “this song just cements it”

      you just clarified that you don’t like her…why did you need the song to cement it?

      Just sayin

      • DylanB

        I bothered to listen to the song because I will give anyone the opportunity to surprise me, and I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I thought perhaps she had developed into something I could appreciate. So, no I’ve never hidden my distaste, and yes, this song cemented my distaste, meaning I don’t have to wonder if her music is worth while. For me, it isn’t.

  • Greg

    suck me, f*ck me, walk up to that big butt… roll the dice …. hmmm. Nothing more did I expect from a trashtastic combo of Paris Hilton and lil wayne.

    classy folks.