Ariana Grande Accused Of Cheating On Ex-Boyfriend Jai Brooks, Atomic Twitter Beef Ensues

Ariana Grande, ponytail aficionado and pink dress enthusiast, is the unlikely source of an ugly Twitter beef. The 19-year-old raised eyebrows when she started dating Nathan Sykes a couple of weeks after being snapped with long-term boyfriend Jai Brooks on the set of “Baby I”. Well, Ari’s ex finally spoke out and social media may never be the same again.

After keeping his silence, The Janoskians heartthrob opened up about being dumped in an extremely long tweet. “Yes I was cheated on. Yes it does suck. Yes I was left for another man,” he begins. “That is why if you know someone who is in a relationship, I’m begging you to please not interfere with that, because you are going to destroy someone and crush their world.”

It took a few hours to spark a reply but Ariana eventually jumped on Twitter and accused her ex of lies and manipulation: “You said to me if I didn’t come back to you, you’d make me look bad to the entire world… I’m no longer afraid of you or your lies anymore.” That led to commentary from fans, haters and even family members. See the fallout after the jump.

Jai’s tweet:

Ariana’s responses:

Jai’s brother got involved:

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Do you you even care? Let us know in the comments below.

  • danielle

    ughhh. jai is so stupid. #teamariana

    • Tamera

      Ughhh. Ariana is so stupid. #teamjai :) ^^

      • Cat

        Not hate please :) ^.^ How would you feel if someone said you were stupid? Keep it to yourself.

    • Cat

      No hate. Keep it to yourself please :)

      • TeamJai

        First of all ”cat” what about the first comment she said that Jai was stupid but you only foucsed on that someone said that your precious Ariana was called stupid, its ridiculous

  • Teamariana

    Go team ariana! Jai’s brother has no manners and does not care on how ppl feel, ariana did not make it offensive to jai she just spoke what she thought but Luke just offends them with words that does not explain his point #teamariana

    • alexanddra1234

      GO TEAM JAI….look luke need to get in it ..ariana think she could talk about jai without one of his brothers get into with her …..she could what she needed but she need a lot more

  • Jaibrooks587

    I believe in Jai and his tweets, Jai would never lie about something as serious as this. Even Luke knows that Ariana is lying as you can see from his reply. I know Jai for who he really is which is a truthful and honest guy. So stop hating on Jai for something he never did. He didn’t do anything wrong, people get hurt for just being witnesses and people get hurt for being involved. Jai got hurt for being involved with ariana even though he loved her and she made him happy. Jai should be happy without Ariana as she did the wronging and made him feel bad about himself. I know how it feels to be cheated on and it isn’t a nice experience for anyone. I felt insecure and as though I wasn’t good enough, I have a feeling that this is how Jai feels, so no matter what anybody else thinks I will always believe in Jai and stick by his words or any of the other Janoskians for this case. One last thing, I feel as though this isn’t our business anyway, everyone should just back down and leave there personal lives to them. How would you like it if everyone went sneaking round into your life and interfered into your personal lives? #teamjai

    • GIGI

      YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF A STUPID PERSON!!! Honestly do you even know Jai??? NOOOO? Do you know Ariana??? NOOO! Like you weren’t even involved so how do you know it’s the truth??? EVERYONE knows what kind of person Ariana is, EVERYONE. She’s the sweetest girl alive…and everyone knows what kind of people the janoskians are (DOUCHE BAGS) OBVI THEY’D LIE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THIS. So how about you go somewhere and stop saying you believe in something that you don’t even know about??? #TEAMARIANA ALL THE WAYYY? I THINK SO!

      • ayg1190

        Please explain how you know who Ariana is….. That’s right, because of what you see. She’s an actress. She literally gets paid to be someone else. Now don’t get my wrong I love her but a lot of stuff in this situation is really fishy. Now take the fame away and make it a situation in your own life. If you knew a girl that was with a guy for 10 months who flirted with other guys while she was with him (yessss there is evidence to support that Ari did this) and then she started getting flowers and not telling anyone who they were from and flirting really hard and publicly with someone else and THEN she’s upset over the breakup then 2 weeks later she says she’s with someone else please tell me what u would think. Exactly. Plus Jai and Luke both said she slept with Mac Miller and Jai broke up with her over it (she confirms that breakup) She was quoted saying her interest in Nathan started in MARCH. Hello honey, she was still with Jai. I’m not going to trust someone who can openly flirt. Especially because I know first hand what the hell can happen.

      • alexanddra1234

        do you know them NOOO so you can not say they are douche bags.

      • teamjaibrooks

        GIGI you are the epitome of a stupid person!!!! honestly do you even know ariana??? NOOOO!!!! Do you know ariana??? NOOOO!!!!! you werent even involved so do you know the truth??!!! EVERYONE knows what sort of person jai is , EVERYONE!!! Sweet, lovely,kind,warm-hearted,honest,loyal. Everyone knows what sort of person ariana is. she is a douche bag. she is a liar and a cheater and i have met jai so i know what sort of person he is. he would never theaten her. And if he didi then why can she show it?? why cant she prove it?? why cant she show the text around?? coz she is a liar !!!!! obviously she would lie about something like this!!! so how about you gpo somewhere and stop saying you believe in smething that you dont even know about??!!! #team jai all the way!!! I DONT THINK SO, I KNOW SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayana Mcgaw

    Ariana is a really sweet Girl with a loving heart.When the first victorious episode came out….RIGHT then and there was Ariana.She was the first one I saw.I thought….Wow she is really beautiful..She is so funny I love her.I looked up everything about her…She was on Broadway”musical 13″ I know a lot!!!! I have been with Ariana ever since the first shoot of victorious.And I know what kind of girl she is…She would never EVER cheat on any boy.And for the people who keep saying she cheated on jai with Mac miller in”The way”SHE DIDNT!!!It’s called acting.She said it herself and so did jai.the kiss wasn’t her idea.Same with anthem ariana said she was interested in him but only for his music and his voice she just wanted to work with him because that’s what singers do they sometimes work with each other….They only meet to times and that’s it….Ariana was still with jai and loved him vary much.She loved him enough to put him in her “baby i”video.But then jai broke up with her……OVER THE PHONE!I know she was crying a lot when I saw her tweet.She even cried DURING HER PERFORMANCE!!Honeymoon avenue!And jai….he didn’t seem to sad at all…I do love jai but this went to far!!!As jai said on Twitter”They are still friends and vary supportive over each other”Now that’s okay atleast there still friends…Now please people lets just drop the drama and the hate on air and jai. Because I just told you what’s real!So no more accusing ariana of cheating because she would never in her life do that!!!!Thank you:D

    • #teamjai

      First off how could you know ariana based on media. She seems like a nice person but thats all just tv and that is not real life. Unless you personally know her you cant say that she wouldnt do something like that. Also if you read jai’s tweets and then you will realize he is still heartbroken and never stopped greiving even though he is starting to get through it. And with ariana she got together with the guy she is accused of cheating on not even a month after the big breakup. After a relationship that lasted 11 months im surprised she could get over jai so quickly unless she never really did care for him the way he did for her. Lastly I want to say a couple quick things
      1. Luke is only trying to be a good brother/twin so those comments are to defend his family
      2.there is so much evidence to prove ariana cheated TWICE on jai no like seriously look it up its real
      3. I doubt the two are friends because of the whole situation
      4.the janoskians arent douche bags You dont even know them I PERSONALLY MET THEM AND THEY ARE REALLY NICE GUYS
      5. Remember who the person is who did something wrong here (NOT JAI) he must have broken up with her for some reason
      6. Honestly do you really beleive that threat ariana accuses jai of saying to her which was tweeted conveniently after jai pretty much tweets ariana ruined his life
      7. Lastly we all have our opinions so lets just stay out of their business

  • Ayana Mcgaw

    Oh and p.s whenever someone dose hate on ariana or say something that isn’t true I go crazy and start spazzing out on those ppl….lol

  • TeamJai

    WTF I was once an Arianator but not anymore . The media sees her as a sweet and innocent girl like on victorious , but she was getting paid to be someone else so don’t get Ariana and Cat mixed together . She is a fully grown woman . I’m sure she knows what to do with her life . This isn’t any of my business or anything but Jai is kind of a guy who would never lie about any of this kinda situations . I believe in everything because he’s trustworthy . There is tons of evidence that she did cheat . If you really believe and have evidence show that she didn’t cheat show them to me . She’s a liar cheater and the most horrible thing is she’s not owning up to it . She just wants her fans to believe she didn’t cheat . Wtf who says I’m going to be the lady my mother raised , well your mother has raised a whore .

  • JaiTeam

    Ok. First of all she could say SORRY is not too hard you know ..
    And Arianators believe her and support her . So you will believe whatever see says./. oh come on now is hilarius. She cheated Jai is obvious= Mac Milner and now with Nathan. She can recognize her mistakes so.. but in this
    circumstance she didn’t i’m sorry.I’m Arianator but i support Jai & Luke Tweets ( + Beau Tweet ) __ I was honesly to you :))

  • tootie

    It really isnt any of our buisness . As fans , we should enjoy the music and acting , not be in her personal life . We werent involved so we dint know what actually happened . Either of them could be lying . My ex said i cheated on him but i didnt . We got into a fight , he dumped me and then said he wanted me back and that he was only joking . I didnt go back he told the whole school i cheated which ruined my image at school (i did clear it up though so im good) . But my point is he couldve done the same . Either of them could be lying . But either way it isnt in anyway our buisness . And im an arianator , to my fellow arianators , can you not give jai and them hate she doesnt want that

  • Daiana

    I am a HUGE fan of them both, they are so cute together, and it doesn’t mean that we have to believe in everything we read, it even could have been that they are lying (like tootie said), I mean who wants the world to know about their breakup, plus Jai said that he doesn’t want to tell the whole story to everyone. So all I want to say that no one should judge them and/or say bad things about them cause if you do not like a person, you don’t search him/her up. Have you ever seen a person smiling, but actually crying inside, that’s the thing that has been happening to Ariana Grande because of the breakup and the cocaine rumours that Perez Hilton started .And also recently they refollowed each other on twitter (yay!) and it looks like Jai Brooks has attended Ariana Grande’s concert. So I think we shouldn’t interfere with their life and post no hate!

  • Mango

    team Jai

  • Anonymous

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