Paris Hilton’s “Good Time” Video Sure Is That: Watch

Oct 8th, 2013 // 3 Comments
Well, Are You?

Are you having a good time? You probably will be after you watch Paris Hilton‘s video for her new single “Good Time,” which is all glitz, glamour and high gloss, shot with some kind of lights and fancy cameras that make everyone look ridiculously amazing. Can I have whatever that is follow me around all the time, please? Nobody’s skin looks like that. Not even Paris Hilton’s. Well, maybe Paris Hilton’s. If anyone looks like that naturally, it’s her.

At any rate! There aren’t a lot of surprises in this video, since the song is a major party anthem; fittingly, the video follows Hilton and friends through a wild night at some kind of crazy pool party and then in a club. It’s probably pretty standard stuff for Hilton, but it all appears very glamorous and exotic and Instagram-y.

Haters, don’t you hate on her. Get on Paris’ level up top.

[via Rolling Stone]


  1. Melody

    This is just atrocious and unnecessary.
    Dear Idolator, please stop glorifying Paris Hilton. It taints your credibility.

  2. Caleb

    I’m sorry, but what has idolator been smoking? Is this the same site that tore Justin Timberlake a new one for 20/20 (2 of 2) but showers Paris Hilton with praise for her “music career” and her “come back?” Get Serous, People!

  3. paris

    i love you

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