Sky Ferreira Teases New ‘Night Time, My Time’ Tracks On Instagram

At long last, Sky Ferreira finally has an album coming out in just a few short weeks (please, God, let nothing mess this up for her, she needs this) and now she’s building some hype by offering teasers of some select tracks from her upcoming debut Night Time, My Time. Given that she suggested that the sound of her album would be slightly more on the alt” end of the spectrum, it seemed fair to expect a rougher sound from these tracks — but lo and behold, there’s still pop greatness to be found her, especially on the new song “I Blame Myself” which sounds spectacularly gorgeous.

Give that tune a listen below, then preview other songs “Omanko,” “Heavy Metal Heart,” and an instrumental snippet of the title track below.

“I Blame Myself”


“Heavy Metal Heart”

“Night Time, My Time”