Lorde Stands By Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Criticism

After furiously backpedalling on comments she made about Taylor Swift, Kiwi chart-topper Lorde appears to have retracted her apology in an interview with MTV. (It should be noted she never backtracked on calling Selena Gomez anti-feminist).

“I think there’s a funny culture in music that’s only happened over the last 15 years, that if you have an opinion about something in music that isn’t 100% good, you’re a ‘hater’ — even if you have perfectly reasonable grounds for that critique,” the “Royals” singer told MTV today (October 8).

“I don’t think I say anything that isn’t backed up,” she continued. “Most of the time I will stand by things that I’ve said.” Fair enough. It’s actually refreshing to see a young artist expressing their opinions so openly but Lorde better get used to her Twitter feed being a bloodbath for the foreseeable future.

Watch Lorde’s full MTV interview here. Does the 16-year-old have a chip on her shoulder or is she just speaking her mind? Have your say in the comments below.

  • Amy

    This 50 year old is simply bitter at the world and takes out on those who are, or somewhat are, vulnerable. SHE WONT BASH BRITNEY, KATY, RIHANNA, BEYONCE, JT (u see, he’s not 100% pro-feminist), KANYE, and more. Her brain is still growing, developing (unless she’s actually 50), but she doesn’t understand this: she thinks she’s a as smart as Tesla and Einstein, Hemingway, and the such. That makes her an idiot.

    • Kara Sykes

      You do realize you didn’t make any sense, right? When did Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift become vulnerable? You can’t call anyone an idiot when you can’t even formulate a grammatically correct sentences. That’s not how that works, sweetheart. She has an opinion that you can literally read on any pro-feminist mainstream site today. Jezebel, Feministing, Feministe, Tiger Beatdown, etc. Lorde repeating very real criticisms and even agreeing with them doesn’t make her an idiot. It makes her informed and socially aware.

      You tried, though. Valiant effort indeed.

  • Katrina Elizabeth Picard

    I think she needs to calm down a bit.. If she had claimed that she was a fan of Taylor Swift, then why should she criticise her own idol, apologise, and then tack back the apology? She’s just making everybody confused now. She really needs to make a final statement.

    • Nick Papageorge

      How did she “criticize” exactly?

      She was pointing out that Taylor is a person who has flawless beauty and an figure that’s almost impossible for the majority of the world to achieve.

      I would much prefer my daughters look at someone like Lorde, Tegan and Sara (although god they need to put on some weight), Adele and such.

      As for her comments on Selena, they’re perfectly justified and valid. The song is one that tweeners around the world are playing ad nauseum, but has a clear sexual context, the title alone is clearly sexual.

      At 16, Lorde knows who she is FAR more than someone like Selena, who is close to taking the Miley route into skankdom with her recent antics to seem more “adult”.

      Sorry, being an adult isn’t about being over sexualized, it’s about being mature, having solid thoughts and opinions as well as being true to yourself. Sorry, but Selena is none of those things.

      And for all the people trying to point out how Selena so helped Royals by butchering it live constantly, please. The song was destined to become a massive hit, Selena singing it live might have helped a a little bit. That said, a lot might have been to hear the original due to how poorly she performed the song. It was like taking a deep, heart wrenching song such as Jolene or In The Air Tonight and turning them into upbeat pop songs.

    • Mark

      Fan equals idol?

      Secondly, people these days conflate anything negative to hating. I
      for one find Lorde’s honesty refreshing. I get that politicans have to be politically correct, but now it’s being forced on the masses.

  • Lucy

    Wow i can see why the author of this post works in on a gossip site and not a actual publication.

    Firstly, she did not really diss either of these artists had you actually bothered to find the original sources of her comments. With regards to the Selena Gomez comment, she said that she loves the song Come and Get it, but thought it portrayed what it means to be a woman in a negative way. She eventually concluded that to be a fan of pop music at the moment you have to separate out your values and just enjoy the music.

    With regard to the Taylor Swift comment it was never intended to be a ‘diss’ but unfortunately because it was quoted out of context it came across as one. She took the liberty to explain this on tumblr. She said that she wished that pop stars and people she idolised did not look so flawless, as i made her at times feel inadequate.She apologised for singling out Taylor Swift not for the comment itself.

    In her interview she said that “Most of the time I will stand by things that I’ve said” , so nothing has changed she still stands by her comments on CAGI not promoting a positive image for young impressionable fans, and she still wishes her musical idols didn’t look so perfect. But it doesn’t mean that she isn’t sorry that she singled Taylor Swift out as an example of a flawless celebrity.

    • Nick Papageorge

      I love you.

      In a plutonic way, but still.

      You are my Idolator Lucy in the sky with Diamonds for me.

      • Nick Papageorge

        Apparently I speak not good. Please ignore the “for me” redundancy at the end of the prior paragraph.

  • alevelhead

    Everything Lorde had to say about them and the top-40 was true. Of course there’s going to be a lash out from the community, since the truth always hurts :3