Idolator Halloween: The 12 Most Murderous Music Videos In Pop History

10. “Born To Die” – Lana Del Rey (2011)

Lana Del Rey‘s single “Born To Die” is a haunting down-tempo ballad that speaks about a tumultuous relationship, and its music video propels the song’s lyrics to dangerous heights. Throughout the clip, there are hints of domestic abuse but the nail in the coffin occurs in the final scenes. As with “What Goes Around…” Lana Del Rey’s character also dies in a car accident, with her lover holding her bloodied body. But compared to Timberlake’s subdued video, Del Rey’s death was completely intentional.

9. “Toxic” – Britney Spears (2004)

“Toxic” — one of Britney Spears‘ strongest singles of her career — is also one of the best videos from the Princess of Pop’s extensive catalog. The visuals takes the title of the song quite literally, as the singer plays a secret agent who poisons her unfaithful boyfriend with a suspicious green liquid. The song’s production elevates the plot — thanks to Bloodshy & Avant‘s use of creepy, high-pitched Bollywood strings that sticks in our head way after the video is over.